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NASA Spacecraft Fly in Record-setting Formation Poster
Sun, Earth’s Space Environment
Sep 21, 2016
Four NASA spacecraft have performed a thrilling maneuver to understand the physics of explosive reconnection in Earth's magnetosphere.
Earth, Solar System
Dec 16, 2014
Dec. 16, 2014: NASA's Mars Curiosity rover has measured a tenfold spike in methane, an organic chemical, in the atmosphere around it and detected other organic molecules in a rock-powder sample collected by the robotic laboratory’s drill.
Dec 14, 2014
Dec. 14, 2014: Where did our planet get its oceans? Among planetary scientists, this is one of the most important and perplexing questions about the origins of Earth. One popular theory holds that water was brought to Earth by the ancient impacts of comets and asteroids. However,... Read More
Solar System
Dec 14, 2014
Dec. 14, 2014: Observations by NASA’s Curiosity Rover indicate Mars' Mount Sharp was built by sediments deposited in a large lake bed over tens of millions of years. This suggests ancient Mars maintained a climate that could have produced long-lasting lakes at many locations on the Red Planet.
Sun, Solar System
Dec 12, 2014
Dec. 12, 2014: December has arrived, and for backyard sky watchers that means one thing:  It is time for the annual Geminid meteor shower. Every year in early December, Earth passes through a stream of gravelly, dusty debris from "rock comet" 3200 Phaethon.  This causes a meteor shower that... Read More