Oct 15, 1996

Space Sciences Laboratory Hosts Bill Nye, The Science Guy




Space Sciences Laboratory Hosts Bill Nye, the Science Guy

October 16, 1996

This week, the Marshall Space Flight Center and the Space Sciences Laboratory are hosting Bill Nye, The Science Guy, as their crew from Seattle films for an upcoming episode of the PBS television series. Taping in SSL will occur on Wednesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 17.

Areas of science from the laboratory that will be featured on an upcoming episode of Bill Nye include Aerogel, "cool telescopes" such as BATSE and the AXAF Calibration Facility, the SSL Solar Vector Magnetograph, and the 105-meter drop tube for microgravity experimentation.

The program will also feature a dive in the Marshall Neutral Buoyancy Simulator, the large tank in which the Hubble Space Telescope repair missions are rehearsed by astronauts, as well as a visit to the Space Station Assembly facility.