Nov 19, 1997

1997 Science Stories - Highlights of NASA/Marshall Science Research for the year


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Science Stories for 1997


Yearly Highlights of NASA/Marshall Science


understanding global warming; biotechnology, first optical image of GRB; Mayan archaology;  Einstein frame-dragging confirmed

Each year, Marshall Science takes us closer to finding answers to fundamental scientific questions. From Earth's global water cycle and global warming, to the aurora, the Sun, enigmatic (and, we now know - cosmological) gamma-ray bursts - from what destroyed Mayan culture to making better medicines and improving manufacturing processes on Earth - Space Sciences research at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center is fascinating. Here we present the highlights of our research for 1997:


1997 Highlights
Physics and
1997 Highlights
1997 Highlights
Earth Science



Archived 1997 Headlines


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Author/Curator: Bryan Walls
NASA Official: John M. Horack