Apr 14, 1998

Graduate Students Unveil New Web Site


BATSE Graduate Students Unveil New Web Site

April 14, 1998: Graduate students in science traditionally perform some of the most unheralded, yet most important research in their fields. As scientists-in-training, their work both prepares them for a professional research career, as well as helps to advance the state of knowledge in their chosen field. Students researching a variety of astrophysics topics using the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE) have unveiled their new WWW page, in an effort to help better communicate their work and its importance.


"It's important for us not only to do good science, but also to learn how to share our results with peers and other audiences," commented graduate student Tim Giblin, who helped develop the pages. "The WWW site should help us share our work with others, and also some of our experiences with those who might be thinking about pursuing a career in science."

Information including a brief personal biography of each of the students, their interests - both in and outside of science, resumes, and a list of their publications and presentations can also be found at the site.

"We're still working and developing the site," commented Peter Woods, who is also pursuing his PhD. "But we hope that other graduate students will find it useful, and loaded with interesting information about what it's like to work on one of NASA's greatest astrophysics experiments."


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Author: John Horack
Curator: Bryan Walls
NASA Official: John M. Horack