Feb 27, 1998

UVI eclipse images for print


The best of UVI and the '98 eclipse

Hi-res images for print

February 27, 1998: To help print publications (and anyone else) covering the Feb. 26, 1998, eclipse, we are posting some image guides.


A of the eclipse images sorted by time and by filters used. The individual images are full size (300 pixels wide) and available from the UVI server (files are listed by time recorded - HHMMSS.gif; the best are between 18:40 and 18:54 UT).
A 431K Acrobat PDF page linking the images to the times they were recorded, plus an annotated image showing what is in the scene, a depiction of the field of view, and a GOES-8 image from the middle of the eclipse.
An (600x600 pixles, 128K GIF) from the middle of the eclipse. North is down. The eclipse shadow is in the middle of the picture. The Earth's limb (or horizon) is near the top, and the airglow fades as the sun angle drops from west to east (right to left) towards sunset.
A small (11K) GIF showing the of UVI during the eclipse.


Still available: a of the eclipse as seen by the UVI from 1718 to 1959 UT. This sequence is annotated with time, position, and camera filter used.

At left is a GOES-8 geostationary weather satellite picture of the world as the eclipse shadow moved across Central America at 1744 UT; it links to a

. If you are ambitious and want more the details, click here for a .

Feel free to reuse these images - please credit NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center.

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Author: Dave Dooling
Production Editor: Dr. Tony Phillips
Curator: Bryan Walls
Responsible NASA official: John M. Horack