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  • The Leonids TV Show

    Nov. 16, 2002

    NASA TV kicks off live coverage of the 2002 Leonid meteor storm on Monday evening, Nov. 18th. The broadcast will feature live reports from around the world and weird meteor sounds.

  • Sit. Speak. Good Photon!

    March 27, 2002

    Researchers have trapped a laser pulse inside a glass chamber --and released it again intact. Such command of light could lead to mind-boggling new technologies.

  • Solstice Shadows

    June 21, 2002

    Shaquille O'Neal's stubby shadow is proof that our planet is tipped on its side--and summer has arrived.

  • The Great Dying

    Jan. 28, 2002

    250 million years ago something unknown wiped out most life on our planet. Now scientists are finding buried clues to the mystery inside tiny capsules of cosmic gas.

  • Earth rocks on the Moon

    Oct. 18, 2002

    Astrobiologists speculate that a valuable record of Earth's distant past is preserved on the Moon.

  • Floating Flame Balls

    Aug. 21, 2002

    Flames do something odd in space: they form tiny almost-invisible balls that might reveal the secrets of combustion here on Earth.

  • Curious Skeletons

    June 19, 2002

    Deep within the cells we're made of, squishy skeletons feel the effects of gravity ... and respond in unexpected ways.

  • Summer Meteor Shower

    July 19, 2002

    The Perseid meteor shower peaks this year on Aug. 12th and 13th. The warmth of northern summer makes it one of the year's most inviting sky shows.

  • Space StationEclipse

    Dec. 2, 2002

    The crew of the International Space Stationwill enjoy a unique view of this week's total solar eclipse--looking down at the moon's shadow on the earth below.

  • An Extraordinary Movie

    Sept. 26, 2002

    On October 2nd, NASA TV plans to broadcast the first live video from a space shuttle's fuel tank as it soars into Earth orbit on the belly of Atlantis and falls back again.