Nov 3, 2006

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 No.  Field  Date  Title 8. Astronomy - history June 22, 1999 The Great Meteor Storm of 1833 - Read a charming, first-hand account of the meteor shower that marked the discovery of the Leonids and created a new branch of astronomy. 7. Astrobiology May 21, 1999 Astrobiology's Most Wanted: Giordano Bruno - The story of Giordano Bruno, a man who lived 400 years ago, who believed in other stars, other planets, other life on those planets, and who died for his heresy. 6. Astrobiology May 21, 1999 The Sagan Criteria for Life Revisited -Would we know life if we saw it? What is essential to life, and what is just characteristic of life as we know it? Organic compounds seem to be a key, and they are turning out to be more common than was once expected.  5.  Astrophysics Apr 20, 1999 It takes more than one kind of telescope to see the light - How come we can't build a telescope that can see all kinds of light at once, from radio to visible to gamma-rays? For the same reason people can see visible light with their eyes; yet can't see radio waves. Find out what astronomers need to do to "see" the universe in all the kinds of light it produces. 4.  Astrophysics Sep 21, 1998 Looking for Pulsars in the Fast Lane - Scientists are looking for bizarre, short-lived, powerhouse stars that burst with some of the brightest energy in the universe. Using the Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility, they hope to find some of the few that may exist. 3. Astrophysics Sep 9, 1998 Why did the supernova change colors? - SN 1993J was seen to be one kind of massive explosion, but then seemed to morph into a distinctly different kind. Scientists using NASA's Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility, launching in January '99, think they can discover why. 2.  Physics Sep 4, 1998 A Field of Martian Dreams - In the home run race of '98, Sammy Sosa is in the lead on the Red Planet 1. Astrophysics Aug17, 1998 How hot is the Crab? - NASA's next Great Observatory takes aim at the Crab Nebula pulsar