Nov 3, 2006

ASEF 98 - Category awards

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Category winners, 1998 Alabama Science & Engineering fair

Junior Division

Behavioral and Social Sciences | Botany | Engineering | Environmental Science | Math and Computers | Medicine and Health | Physical Science | Zoology

Senior Division

Behavioral and Social Sciences | Biochemistry | Botany | Chemistry | Computer Science | Earth and Space Sciences | Engineering | Environmental Science | Mathematics | Medicine and Health | Microbiology | Physics | Zoology


Behavioral and Social Sciences

1. Rosemary Puckett, St. Ann's School, Under the Threshold of Consciousness
2. Jessica Christianson, The Altamont School, Does Daycare Affect the Growth of Children?
3. Benjamin Whatley, Northside Methodist Academy, Conditioning
3. Raven Moore, Priceville Jr. High School, Are Cats Colorblind?
3. Jenna Haskitt, St. Ann School, Like Father, Like Daughter
4. Carolyn Kezar, The Altamont School, Why Can't Some Kids Spell?
4. Tonya Styron, Tuscaloosa Academy, Blindness: Can Parents Determine Who Their Child is by Touch?
4. Britney Tice, Cottonwood High School, Does Music Affect the Way We Feel?
4. Heather Peoples, Cottonwood High School, Smoking - 6th Grade Style
HM. Sheila Carrington, Dixon Middle School, Handwriting Detective
HM. Devin Hurtt, Plainview High School, Stress
HM. Justin Halstead, Cottonwood High School, How Important is Your Thumb?
HM. Alicia Parnell, Ashford Elementary, How do Colors Affect Us?
HM. Lauren Maisel, Tuscaloosa Academy, Can Mothers Recognize Their Children's Scents


1. Joseph Vinson, Phillips Preparatory School, Growing in the Wind
2. Shannon Ward, Childersburg High School, "Just A Hill of Beans"
3. Rachel McAbee, Hartselle Junior High School, What is the Effect of Electromagnetic Radiation on Algae Cells?
4. Matthew Smith, Floyd Middle Magnet, Fertilizer Fusions
HM. Kristin Waldrop, Northside High School, The Affect of Light on Plant Growth
HM. Lindsay Higdon, Discovery Middle School, Light Up My Life (The Effects of Light and Gravity on Plants)
HM. Kassie Houser, Priceville Jr. High School, Which Buffer is the Best at Protecting Pine Trees from Acid Rain?
HM. Brian Williamson, Clark School of Math & Science, The Effect of Light on Chlorophyll Production
HM. Teresa Kilborn, Hartselle Junior High School, Carbon Dioxide Production and Oxygen Consumption by Germinating Seeds
HM. Taylor Burdg, Trinity Christian School, The Effects of Varied Light Sources on Plant Transpiration


1. Nathaniel Brown, Life Christian Academy, Building Low Cost Homemade A-to-D Converter for Computerized Data Collection
2. Keith Roberts, The Altamont School, Parasheets, Parachutes, Parawings
3. Ross Porter, Chelsea Middle School, Which Wing Angle Creates More Lift?
4. Hal Reid, Jr., Liberty Middle School, Ping?
HM. Richard Henry, Tuscaloosa Academy, Air to Aerosol
HM. Benjamin Anderson, Danville Middle School, Solar Energy Impossible
HM. Joseph Smith, North Sumter Jr. High, Hurricanes

Environmental Science

1. Tamra Ward, Childersburg High School, Diatoms as Water Quality Indicators
2. Jeanne Tyson, Phillips Preparatory School, Which Water is Least Corrosive?
3. Joy Luker, Patrician Academy, Can Kudzu Be Kind?
4. Nicole Oertli, Phillips Preparatory School, What is the Effect of Concentration of Solar Energy on Water Distillation?
HM. Catherine Mountain, Tuscaloosa Academy, The Water Retention of Soil
HM. Russell Getz, Auburn Junior High School, How Do Various Assessments Reflect the Quality of Our Untreated Surface Water?
HM. Maggie Webb, Winfield Middle School, Comparing Alternatives to Harmful Household Products
HM. Amanda Thweatt, Cottonwood High School, Fire Up Atmospheric Pressure
HM. Steven Hendrix, St. Ann School, Charted Waters
HM. Carly Brewington, East Lawrence Elementary School, AahÖ Good Clean Water?
HM. Alex Sanders, Pike Liberal Arts School, It's a Rotten World!
HM. Anna Godwin, Montevallo Middle School, HOT STUFF! The Effect of Solar Magnetic Storms on School Attendance
HM. Tyesha Gibbs, York West End Junior High School, Blubber is Beautiful
HM. Christine Ruhlman, Discovery Middle School, Sunny Days
HM. Cynterrica Martin, Holy Family Elementary School, Does Water Pollution Affect Plant Growth?
HM. Tristan Call, Randolph School, A Stream Study of Aldridge Creek
HM. Sarah Stephens, Escambia County Middle School, How to Heal an Oil Spill
HM. Katie Lambert, Escambia County Middle School, Rotten to the Core
HM. Betsy Warren, Dixon Middle School, Most Effective Methods for Cleaning Up Oil Spills
HM. Amy Kirkland, Cottonwood High School, Why is Paper Recycled?

Math and Computers

1. Adam Georgas, Phillips Preparatory School, Structural Strength of an Icosahedron vs. Fibonacci Ration Model Under Wind Forc
2. Alexander Law, Acad. for Science & Foreign Language, Asteroid Defense: A Computer Simulation
3. Elizabeth Hammon, Priceville Jr. High School, Cram Your RAM - How Dependent is Windows on Random Access Memory
4. Blake Baker, Dixon Middle School, How Time Flies
4. Justin Higgins, Dixon Middle School, A Circuit Quiz Board
HM. Jessica McArdle, Cottonwood High School, Dog vs. Cat (The Household Battle)
HM. Anthony Matthews II, Ashford Elementary School, Stack Em Up

Medicine and Health

1. Nicklas Johnson, Priceville Jr. High School, Plant Power Effect of Aloe Vera on the Regeneration of Planaria
2. Stephanie Martin, Childersburg Middle School, "Don't Touch That"
3. Clare Cannon, The Altamont School, The Effectiveness of Household Cleaners on Surface Decontamination
3. Taylor Brellenthin, St. Ann Catholic School, Spit vs. Drool
3. Byron Lee, Trinity Christian School, Identifying Antibiotic Resistant Genes in E.Coli
3. Kimberly Chaka, Anniston Middle School, Must We Burn Our Burgers?
3. Barrett Jackson, The Altamont School, Comparison of Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria in Different Species of Animals
4. Jennilee McMurrey, Glencoe Middle School, The Effects of Premature Birth on Glencoe Middle School Students
4. John McGregor, The Altamont School, The Effects of Various Citrus Juices on the Freshness of Apples
4. Shermetria Massingale, St. Joseph Catholic School, Mouthwash and Toothpaste: Do They Really "Knock-out" Bacterial?
4. Rhiannon Deierhoi, The Altamont School, Searching for a Correlation of Measures of Fitness in Adults and Children
4. Anderson Black, Covenant Christian Academy, The Antimicrobial Effect of Garlic Tablets
4. Sara Fair, Northport Jr. High School, What Substance is Most Effective for Cleaning Teeth?

Physical Science

1. Timothy Gilino, Randolph School, Do Raindrops Carry an Electrical Charge?
2. Gordon Douglas, St. Ann School, Can the Shape of an Airplane's Fuselage Help Reduce Drag?
3. Adam Gramly, Acad. for Science & Foreign Language, Is Sonoluminescence Caused By Plasma?
3. Robert Swann, Phillips Preparatory School, The Effect of Earplugs on Sound Waves Generated by a M1 Firecracker
4. Shannon Day, Glencoe Middle School, Crystals Under Stress: A Possible Source of Strange Lights in the Sky
4. Oluchi Nnorom, Holy Family School, The Rusting of Iron Nails
4. Benjamin Williams, Acad. for Science & Foreign Language, YAGI/Dipole Antenna: Comparing FR Signal Emissions
HM. Justin Campbell, Dixon Middle School, Density and Buoyancy
HM. Connie Leeper, Tuscaloosa Academy, Ballpark Figures
HM. Phillip Cline, Jr., Shades Mountain Christian School, Optical Illusions
HM. Marie Thompson, Pike Liberal Arts School, Strengthening the Dye
HM. Evelyn Lu, Acad. for Science & Foreign Language, Wired Walkie Talkies
HM. Gedd Herron, Good Hope School, Surface Tension of Water
HM. Grant Gautney, Dixon Middle School, The Future of Transportation
HM. Jonathan Hupp, St. Paul's Episcopal School, Which Bicycle Brake is Better?
HM. James Holmes, Northside Methodist Academy, Which Type of Insulation Works Best?
HM. B. Tyler Lockridge, Glencoe Middle School, How a Forced Air Furnace Works
HM. Matthew Thomas, Pittman Middle School, Comparison of Household Insulators
HM. Russell Day, Discovery Middle School, Surface Tension
HM. Wendy Short, Discovery Middle School, Chromatograhy
HM. Matthew Haney, Cottonwood High School, Poppin' Hot - or is It Cold?
HM. Megan Powell, St.Joseph Catholic School, Atmospheric Pressure and Wind Direction


1. Ashley Williams, Phillips Preparatory School, "Which Characteristic is Most Influential in Attracting Bees to a Flower"
2. Bryce Roberts, The Altamont School, Biotime on the Indo-Pacific Reef Circadean Rhythms of Corals
3. Debbie Hain, St. Ann's School, Regeneration Station
4. Andrew Logan, The Altamont School, The Effect of Temperature on the Viability of Equine Parasites
4. Shea Gillen, St. Ann School, How Important is Your Thumb?
HM. Jayme Barkdoll, Lloyd Wood Jr. High School, Wigglin' for the Record Mealworms: Distance vs. Surfaces
HM. Karla Martin, Escambia County Middle School, Is More Better?
HM. James McRae, Dixon Middle School, Without a Trace?
HM. David Gravette, Childersburg Middle School, The Development of Whitetail Deer Antlers
HM. Jessica Clark, Winfield City Middle School, Cattle Behavior - Instinct vs. Learned Behavior


Behavioral and Social Sciences

1. Melinda Ellis, Kinston High School, Development of Moral Judgement in Adolescence
2. Christina Meier, Fyffe High School, Is Language the Only Difference
3. Angela Boothe, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, The Effects of Information Presentation on Memory: A Two Year Study
3. Tammy Ward, Sumter County High School, Right vs. Left Brain
3. Adam Gober, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Human Behavior and Obedience
3. Brian Clowdus, Hokes Bluff High School, Music Motivation
4. Joe Wallace, Marengo Academy, Academics and Attendance
4. Jill Jinright, Zion Chapel High School, Personality Styles
HM. Daphne Vest, A.P. Brewer High School, What Does Your Handwriting Say About you?
HM. Amanda Vest, A.P. Brewer High School, Do Your Favorite Colors Match Your Personality


1. Amanda Murray, The Altamont School, The Effects of Heating on Isoflavone Conjugate Levels in Soy Products
2. Lauren Biard, Covenant Christian Academy, The Surface Spin Effect in Tea
3. Joyce Scott, Cottonwood High School, Vitamin C: The Rest of the Story
3. Rapheal Bollar, Sumter County High School, Analyzing Cigarette Smoke
3. Kathryn Allen, Wetkumpka High School, Which AntacidWorks the Best and the Quickest?


1. Jamie Aldes, Murphy High School, What Improves Plant Growth in Polluted Soil Models?: Further Studies
2. Holly Cannon, Marengo Academy, Peat Pansies and Other Posies
3. Jessica Wasserman, The Altamont School, Are DNA Altered Seeds Herbicide Resistant: Phase II
HM. Megan Ratcliff, Good Hope High School, Will Certain Household Items Increase Plant Life?
HM. Jill Fesperman, St. Paul's Episcopal School, Effect of Temperature on the Germination of Seeds
HM. Soumya Nyshadham, Springwood School, Nutrient Enrichment: Which is Best For the Growth of Algae?
HM. Samantha Logan, Northside High School, Do Terrestrial Plants Grow Better than Hydroponic Plants in the Same Solution?
HM. Derek Mathis, Oakwood Academy, What Enhances the Productivity of Red Clay Soil?


1. Bleeker Ward, The Altamont School, Which Pain Reliever Is The Most Effective in Reducing Stomach Acid?
2. Lindsy Farina, Brooks High School, Analysis of Glucose Using Capillary Zone Electrophoresis
3. Anna Scheiben, Wetumpka High School, Detectionof Adultfration in Juices, Honey and Sorghum
4. Nicole Jordan, Murphy High School, How do Different Mouthwashes Affect the Bacteria of the Oral Cavity?
HM. Joanna Brewer, Northport Junior High School, Which Fabrics Absorb More Natural Dyes?
HM. Josh Ashley, Fyffe High School, The Dirt on Soil
HM. Alison Thomas, Choctaw County High School, Natural Reaction Boosters
HM. Leigh Sewell, Cottonwood High School, What Colored Dyes are Found in Marking Pens and Powdered Drink Mix?

Computer Science

1. Jeb Orr, Elkmont High School, Mathematical Optimization of Autoassociative Neural Networks
2. Matthew Curry, Childersburg High School, A (Nearly) Perfect Nim
3. Ryan Ammons, Cottonwood High School, Efficiency of a High-level vs. a Low-level Computer Programming Language
HM. Matthew Bush, Al. School of Mathematics & Science, Modeling Chemical Reactions

Earth and Space Sciences

1. Leah Jones, Thompson High School, The Effects of Angle of Incidence on Photovoltaic Cells (right, Peter Curreri, SSL web writer Dave Dooling, and Mitzi Adams )
2. Danny Summerford, Sylvania High School, NEXRAD Accuracy in Rainfall Estimation
3. Jay Mukerji, St. Paul's Episcopal School, Estimating the Time to Radio Between Interplanetary Civilizations
3. Nicholas Taylor, Northside High School, Where in a Tornado are the Highest Winds?
3. Candiace Lacey, Fyffe High School, How Accurate is Your Weather Forecaster


1. Taylor Griswold, Trinity Presbyterian School, The Dancing Ant
2. Jason Davis, Covenant Christian Academy, Can Low Speed Aircraft Be Controlled by an Articulated Nose?
3. Katie Clark, Murphy High School, Effects of Aggregate Variation on General Concrete Integrity
4. Keith Cornwell, North Alabama Friends, RF Antenna Experiments Using a Dipole
4. Bobby Kakati, Tuscaloosa Academy, The Determination of the Best Materials for Heat Collection
4. David Murphy, Shades Mountain Christian School, Wind Power
HM. Talicia Williams, Sumter County High School, Colorimetric Determination of Manganese in Steel
HM. Jared Glass, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Sound Blockers

Environmental Science

1. Christopher Chatman, Collinsville High School, Alcohol as a Fuel: Recycling Wastes Into Energy - Phase II
2. George Carraway, Al. School of Mathematics and Science, Mobile Bay A Wireframe Model to Predict Water Levels
3. James Stewart, Alabama School of Math and Science, Russia and America: A Comparison of International River Valleys
3. Todd Foisy, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Air Quality in Birmingham - Is It Pollution or A Lot of Hot Air?
4. Patrick Reasonover, A. P. Brewer High School, A Judgement of the Effectiveness of Two Water Quality Methods
4. Christopher Herrera, St. Paul's Episcopal School, What is the Effect of Different Ground Covers on Soil Temperature
HM. Jonathan Day, Glencoe High School, The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Microorganisms: A 3 Year EMF Study
HM. John Welch, Brooks High School, Can a Lesser Wattage Light Bulb Produce as Much Light as One with More Wattage
HM. Heather Park, Wetumpka High School, Acid Rain: The Killing Effect
HM. Ceretha Towles, Zion Chapel High School, Which Vehicle Gives Off the Most Exhaust?
HM. Katie Sanders, Pike Liberal Arts School, Does this Make Cents?
HM. Daphne Jinright, Zion Chapel High School, E.Coli in North Coffee County Streams
HM. Stephanie Hill, Wetumpka High School, El Nino: Should Mother Nature Be Worried?
HM. Holli Hitt, Tuscaloosa County High School, Nonpoint Source Pollution: Is There a Simple Solution?
HM. David Newsome, Glenwood School, H2O - Atlanta - Friend or Foe
HM. Jennifer Cannon, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Getting the Dirt on Jefferson County
HM. Carl Anderson, Livingston High School, What You Should Know Before Buying A Car!
HM. Claire Chisolm, Hoover High School, Lead Content In Soil: An Analysis of Three Birmingham Sites
HM. Tiffany Speight, Sumter County High School, Observing Effects of Acid Rain


1. Ehren Biglari, Covenant Christian Academy, On the Plausibility of Bertrand's Paradox
2. Adam Tomlin, Andalusia High School, Circular Primes: A Mathematical Wonder
3. Clinton Curry, Childersburg High School, Division of a Circle
3. La'Shauntae Sturdivant, Livingston High School, The Dynamics of Right Triangles

Medicine and Health

1. Monica Sekhon, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Signal Transduction
2. Roopa Dhawan, Murphy High School, A Role for Alpha4-Beta1 VCAM-1 Intercellular Adhesion in Sickle Cell Crisis
3. Erica Land, Patrician Academy, Does Estrogen Prevent Memory Loss? Phase II
4. Petronella Lugemwa, The Altamont School, An Accurate Genotyping Assay for a Gene Associated with Coronary Heart Disease
4. Stephen Rottgers, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Prelim. Steps in Reproducing Viral Vectors Used in Treatments of Cystic Fibrosis
4. John Mays, The Altamont School, Effects of Calcium Channel Blockade on Movement Disorders in the Rat
HM. William Sartin, Glenwood School, The Effects of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A on Plant Carcinogens
HM. Robert Meriwether, Tuscaloosa Academy, Do Cold Temperatures Affect Muscle Function
HM. Carrie Thomas, Marengo Academy, Can One Minute Make a B.P. Difference?
HM. Allen Pike, Good Hope High School, Wanted: A Few Good Cleaners
HM. Cortney Morgan, Fyffe High School, Cut the Carmel!
HM. Noah Sartin, Glenwood School, The Oral pH Value of Various Liquids
HM. Tina Keeton, Sumer County High School, How Good are Your Antacids?
HM. Justin Mathis, Brooks High School, The Effects of Ginseng on the Heart Rate of Milnesium
HM. Holli Adams, Collinsville High School, "Fat Free or Fiction"


1. Nassif Cannon, The Altamont School, A Four-Part Study of the Influence of Electromagnetic Waves on Microorganisms
2. Heather Cash, Covenant Christian Academy, Effects of Temperature and pH on E. Coli Growth in Common Fruit Juices Part 2
3. Jimmy Huynh, The Altamont School, Potential for Developing New Antibacterial Drugs from Compounds in Plants
4. Mary Grimes, Andalusia High School, The Jungle Revisited
HM. Sonya Roden, Fyffe High School, The "Roll" of Yeast
HM. Eric Hutcheson, Al. School of Mathematics & Science, Computer Modeling of a DNA Molecule
HM. Carmen Sturdivant, Livingston High School, Can Herbs Inhibit Microbial Growth?
HM. Megan Boyd, Covenant Christian Academy, The Effectiveness of Garlic Tablets vs. Antibiotics


1. Jeremiah Brown, Covenant Christian Academy, A Single Element Anamorphic Lens for Collimating and Circularizing Laser Diodes
2. Elizabeth Dillard, Bradshaw High School, The Effects of Gamma Radiation Exposure on Photographic Film
3. Jennifer Hooks, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, The Effects of Surface Angle and Roughness on the Hydraulic Jump
3. Mimi McFarland, Tuscaloosa Academy, Does the Density of Wood Affect Termperature of its Flame?
4. Elizabeth Shepard, Collinsville High School, Holography
4. Chiquita Ruffin, Sumter County High School, Thermodynamics of Thawing
HM. Jeff Barron, Glencoe High School, The Affect of Aerodynamics on Vehicle Speed
HM. Kimberly Stalker, St. Paul's Episcopal School, "Which is Most Worthy of Your Hands?
HM. Lauren Mackey, Wetumpka High School, The High Low Game
HM. Brian Thomas II, Oakwood Academy, How is a Rocket Propelled?
HM. Daniel Travis, St. Paul's Episcopal School, Tempering of the Myth


1. David Kallman, Jefferson Co. International Baccalaureate, Gonadal Differentiation in the Fish, Oreochromis Niloticus
2. Jacob Daniel, Sylvania High School, Beaver Devastation: Can It Be Prevented?
3. Morgan Hodge, Zion Chapel High School, Bug Off
3. Clint Wilks, Fyffe High School, Does Deworming Your Cattle Run More Pounds Across the Scale
HM. Correatha Stephens, Sumter County High School, Adrenaline and Daphnia
HM. Erica Evans, Livingston High School, How Does Temperature Affect the Breathing Rate of Carassius Auratus?

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Author: Dave Dooling
Curator: Linda Porter
NASA Official: Gregory S. Wilson