Aug 27, 1998

Additional GLOBE Information

Aug. 27, 1998: Comments from the daily stories during GLOBE are compiled below. The schedule and the names of American participants are at the bottom of this page.

Comments from American GLOBE teachers

This is my second trip in two years. Obviously, it is a great experience. It is a beautiful country with many historical sites to see. The people are very warm and friendly toward us Americans.
Willene Huddleston, Heflin, AL

We are having a great time. Our new Russian friends have been a pleasure to meet! The food is interesting and good, and we look forward to more sight seeing later. A great start to an incredible experience!! P.S. Hi Tom.
Kelly Kelley, West Point, PA

It has been incredibly interesting to meet Russian teachers, and other American teachers with similar interests and goals, with the desire to continue learning and growing. I can see the GLOBE program as a wonderful facilitator for learning and understanding more about our wonderful earth!
Sherrell Durand, Heflin, AL

The road of change leads to Russia, a land of opportunity. Together we can help each other discover ourselves and the way we interact with our Earth, a shared responsibility.
Cheryle K. Wallace, Anderson, IN

I didn't realize the magnitude of the GLOBE project. I am so excited to be part of this training and I can't wait to get back to work with my students collecting data.
Elizabeth Orr, Dalton, GA

The food has been good and abundant, a bit different from ours and that's what makes it interesting.
Joyce Stemple, Schwenksville, PA

The Russian people have been very hospitable to our group. The heat is not their fault. Hi. Mom.
Carol McCaffrey, Apple Valley, CA

Our accommodations are great, food is wonderful and the Russian people are very friendly. The 105 deg. F here in Rostov is probably due to El Nino!! P.S. Hi Shara and Pat.
Susan Gregory, Collegeville, PA

We have had a great time this week, at least if you had your luggage! It has been great to make new friends and get reacquainted with old ones. GLOBE is a great and interesting program and the sight seeing has been wonderful. P.S. Hi Cari, Mom and Dad!!!
Becky Hollingsworth, Pizitz Middle School, Hoover, AL

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the Russian culture, and to learn to communicate with the Russian people. I was interested in the Global Positioning System (GPS) discussions, and am anticipating doing field work with it this week. P.S. Hi family!
April Bates, Bryan Elementary, Cleveland, AL

I have been very impressed with the friendliness, helpfulness, and the quality of our experiences so far. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of central Moscow, and how smoothly things are going. I feel at home in a place where sites and sounds are unfamiliar.
Carol Kraus, Manchester, CT

I am very excited about the GLOBE program, and I can't wait to begin work involving the students in my class. The people here have been very helpful and read facial expressions very well. Thank goodness. Saint Basil's church is beautiful!!
Debbie Jones, Eufaula, AL

Even not speaking any Russian we are able to communicate because of our common interests in education. It's amazing how far a quick sketch and pantomime will go.
Jennifer Lockett, Mobile, AL

So far the GLOBE experience in Russia has been out of this world. Wish you were here.
Nancy McIntyre, Chatsworth, CA

Russia is beautiful. Moscow was not what I expected. It was bright and very grand. I look forward to each day I am here.
Sandy Childrey, Mt. Gilead, NC

The Russian experience, colorful, fascinating, and a great adventure.
Tina Hall, Randolph School , Huntsville, AL

I am really enjoying Russia, and its friendly people.
Jerry Lee Easterwood, Valley, AL

It was great fun working with groups of educators from Russia. They are focused, excited, friendly individuals with talents that are characteristic of their heritage and national pride.
Janice Cohen, Southbury, CT

Together we will face tomorrow focusing on the conflicts of our educational world in search of global resolutions. We are responsible for the future. Together we will face a problem and rename it a challenge to be resolved by educators of a global community. We are taking that first step toward a global educational team. I am proud to have worked with such a dedicated group of professionals.
Cheryle Wallace, Anderson, IN

Working with the Russian teachers in the GLOBE workshop has been a very educational and enlightening experience. The language has been quite an interesting challenge, one in which both sides have adapted to quite well.
Ken Kakasuleff, Frankton, IN

The GLOBE program fits perfectly into my junior high science curriculum. The components are manageable because you are able to choose what is feasible for you and your students. What a perfect add-on with important impact!!
Jennifer Lockett, Mobile, AL

The Azov Sea is beautiful. The trip to Azov as well as the sea was lovely. I especially enjoyed the sunflowers and following the old coastline as we drove to the sea. I was surprised at how dark the soil is in this region. Russia gets more beautiful everyday.
P.S. It's HOT! HOT! HOT!
Sandy Childrey, Mt. Gilead, NC

When we discussed how productive the Azov Sea could be I listened politely. I was truly amazed at the many organisms living in the Azov Sea when I got in the water with them. The hands-on experiences we have been having are truly educational. I got some great ideas for how to manage soil profile data in Alabama from doing the laboratory protocols here in Rostov. I am having a wonderful time!
Sherrell Durand, Heflin, AL

The small town of Azov was both pretty and fascinating. It is amazing to think of the more than 930 years of history in this area. I've also enjoyed tremendously visiting with the Russian teachers, and visiting Azov School #13.
April Bates, Cleveland, AL

How exciting to stand in Asia and Europe in the same day with the Don river as the dividing line!
Tina Hall, Huntsville, AL

Learning, working and singing with teachers from across the world has been an eye opening and gratifying experience. We really are all the same - caring ... sharing ... jabbering people!! I learned the Don River divides Europe and Asia!!
Carol Kraus, Willimante, CT

Good news!! My luggage finally made it to Moscow!! I hope it arrives in Rostov before we leave the weekend. Everyone has been wonderful by opening their luggage to me. Friends are still friends even half way around the world.
Becky Hollingsworth, Vestavia, AL

Spending time chatting, albeit haltingly, with the Russian teachers has allowed us to discover all the similarities in our lives. from the plants and trees here in Rostov to the children and their style of dress.
Joyce Stemple, Schwenkville, PA

Today we took our first step toward establishing contact with our sister school in Rostov-on-Don. Friday we will visit and take pictures to take home. We look forward to spending the day with our new friend Natasha.
Kelly Kelly, North Wales, PA

I have eaten some of the best tomatoes here in Russia. It is hot, hot, hot!!! We are learning a lot about the GLOBE Program and how to communicate with Russian teachers.
Debbie Jones, Eufaula, AL

The Russian teachers are great! I have really enjoyed working with them.
April Bates, Bryan Elementary School, Cleveland, AL

This is such a wonderful experience! Greg has been a wonderful influence on my future teaching by helping me understand that the GLOBE data must be accurate and consistent and that my students must understand that their data will be used in research activities to help scientists understand the Earth as a system. With GLOBE, my students become research scientists and use their own data and that of other students from around the world to solve environmental problems. Hello to all of you!!

I am still enjoying the activities here in Rostov-on-Don. Today was a bit cooler with a little rain this morning. I am making new Russian friends in the teachers we are working with here. Thanks Jim, Eddie, and Steve for the email!! That made my day!
Elizabeth Orr, Eastside Elementary, Dalton, GA

A lovely breeze helped make atmospheric and land cover protocols not only valuable but bearable. A trip to St. Sophia's Spring was very helpful for my headache!! I'm learning more Russian every day from our wonderful Rostov counterparts!!
Carol Kraus, Natchaug Elementary, Willimantic, CT

Comments from Russian GLOBE teachers

This Workshop give us the possibility to learn different methods of environmental investigation (the methods for testing natural substances as well as computer result entering procedures and others). That knowledge we've got on GLOBE classes we would forward to our students. This will let the children realize the great importance of our common efforts for the benefit of environment and feel the responsibility for the Earth. It's very important we have the opportunity to work in the open air (river and sea beaches, gardens ...) I'm enjoying the communication with the American colleagues.
Evgenia Morozova, School# 77, Rostov-on-Don.

I'm very happy to participate the Program that units all the World. It's very important we have the opportunity to compare our results with the results of other cities and even countries. It attaches the special importance to children investigations and at the same time it raises their responsibility for the regular and accurate data collecting process. I like very much the American side preparation for the theoretical and practical parts of this Workshop. It would be fine to have a Russian copy of the Teacher Guide Book. We feel the great enthusiasm when communicate with Americans. They are spontaneous and open people, they are quit ready to international collaboration.
Tatiana Kalmykova, School #100, Rostov-on-Don

The GLOBE Workshop give us the excellent opportunity to make our knowledge about scientific methods for environment broader and deeper. The GLOBE investigations look very accessible and interesting for the children of different ages. Especially I want to point the high professional level of our GLOBE Teacher - Mr.Gregory Cox. His classes are very interesting and quit clear. He is an emotional and experienced teacher. With a great pleasure I'll participate this program in Russia. We hope we will make the partnership between Russian and American schools (the teachers - Mrs.Susan Gregory and Mrs.Kelly Kelly). The GLOBE experience allows us to find out the new possibility of communication and data exchange between the students from the different parts of the World. We can see the results of student activities both from Russia and USA.
Natalia Ivanova, School #23, Rostov-on-Don

There are many books related to nature, environment and ecological statistic in Russia. But Russian teachers very often needs the systematic stuff and equipment for their classes. It was very useful we had detailed practical recommendations at GLOBE seminar how to prepare and do each test. All problems have been solved during the practical learning. I would like to be in touch with the colleagues who are participating GLOBE in America. I graduated from the Rostov State University and teach geography and environment now. We have environmental club at our school where we learn some ecological problem of Rostov region. I would like to contact with the geography teacher from USA who are interested in environment. I guess the GLOBE program will be very fruitful and bring the great benefit to the people of our Planet.
Ludmila Kubrakova., School #103, Rostov-on-Don

This Workshop gave the unique opportunity to Russian teachers to have a practical experience related to environmental investigation. We have learned also the different ways for organization and transformation of collected data. Besides we've learned the unknown (for Russians) methods of environmental investigation. It's very important to note the very high quality of classes and practical study. First there were the theoretical material (introductory information, some basic principals of measurements, description of previous test results) and then we worked at the open air in order to improve our theoretical knowledge. All the protocols were very clear and well organized. The experience we had got we would use both at school and clubs environmental activities. The comparative approach in testing technology is very interesting and important. We have investigated different natural objects (the rivers and the sea) and then compared the results. Also we had the opportunity to make discussion, to exchange personal impressions, to tell each others what was especially important and interesting. I guess the language barrier is the only shortage of our Workshop activity.
Vladimir Zhinzhilo, School #97, Rostov-on-Don

This Workshop was given us the opportunity: to become acquainted with GLOBE equipment and leaned much how to use these tools to do the measures by ourselves to make new friendships and find new partners for the further work.
Michael Khanin, Rostov State Pedagogical University

I'm very grateful for the Workshop. The water testing research was especially interested for me. I've learned how to use the Internet. I've found my partner school info via Internet and got interesting data.
Olga Zhilevich, School #43, Rostov-on-Don

It was great luck to participate this Workshop and communicate with American colleagues. I'm very happy my school will participate GLOBE and get the opportunity to use the GLOBE data and compare them with ours. It's very important to learn new practical methods and use modern tools to nature observations.
Larisa Kheilo, School #13, Azov

I understand that GLOBE is very timely and useful both for the teachers and the students. Basically the impressions are positive: the Workshop is well organized, the participants are opened to communication. I wish: the Workshop takes longer time (the scientific and practical program is too busy), and don't choose not such hot month to hold the seminar.
Elena Bakaeva, School #37, Rostov-on-Don

We live in time when information is the most important resource. One of the famous scientist said: "Those who own the information own the World". The GLOBE program gives us the opportunity to share this information together. That is why we own the whole World together. The most important is that GLOBE information is about nature. The Earth is the only home for all of us. We must keep our common home a healthy home and we will do it through GLOBE or other environmental programs because we are working together.
Natasha Petkova, School "Finist", Rostov-on-Don

GLOBE has been great!! We have made water and soil tests here that our students will love to do at school during Integrated Science!!
Jerry Lee Easterwood, Valley, AL

The GLOBE activities have been very exciting and interesting. While completing hydrology studies yesterday, we saw much of the countryside. I enjoy combining cultural experiences with learning activities.
Elizabeth Orr, Dalton, GA

What did I do on my summer vacation?? We just completed our third exciting day in the Russian Connection Program. We have studied hydrology at the beach of course and had an opportunity to play in the water. We learned about pedology, which is the study of soil, not DIRT!! Did you know that you can hardly talk about any subject that doesn't in some way relate to soil?
Nancy McIntyre, Chatsworth, CA

It was exciting to visit Azov school #13 and see an Alabama flag displayed with our State map in the school's display case.
Willene Huddleston, Heflin, AL

I really have experienced the Russian culture first hand. I lost a cap on one of my teeth and went to a Russian dentist. It was an eye (and mouth) opening experience. All I can say is I only chew on one side of my mouth until I get home!! Weather is hot and the people in Russia are gracious. Paka (bye).
Carol McCaffery, Apple Valley, CA

It was a wonderful experience to walk bare footed in holy water at the Rostov Botanical Gardens today. We are learning lots of Russian language from our host teachers. Russia is a very friendly country. Stay tuned.
Willene Huddleston, Heflin, AL

My eyes have been opened to the rich cultural heritage of Russia. Watching the Russian and American teachers work together and laugh is a joyous, exciting experience.
Tina Hall, Randolph School, Huntsville, AL

My heart and mind have been exposed to that knowledge which makes a difference in our global community. We, Russian and American teachers, have joined to reinforce that which we believe& there is one world to be shared by the people of the world. One global community saying, we can change the Earth!
Cheryl Wallace

There are many things that go through one's mind being in a foreign country. The beauty of this trip comes from concentrating on our commonalities.
Janice Cohen, Southbury, CT

One more day filled with great activities to tack back to the classroom!
Joyce Stemple, Colonial Middle School, Norristown, PA

Hi Ya'll, especially Don, Lainey, Lauren and everybody else remembering me during this trip!! I am really enjoying Russia. The culture, scenery, and people are so nice. The Rostov Russian Orthodox Church was awe inspiring. I think I will miss working with the Russian Teachers when we leave Rostov-on-Don. To everyone back home& see you soon!!
PS..Happy 9th Anniversary - you're the BEST HUSBAND in the World. Sanj.
Sandy Childrey, West Middle School, Mt. Gilead, NC

This is a wonderful opportunity for educators, and the food has been great. We learned the Russian words for atmospheric terms today, and we taught them the English words for the same. This was done mainly by drawing pictures. Hi Gary, William, and Jacob.
Debbie Jones, Western Heights , Eufaula, AL

It feels wonderful to have a choice of clothes in the morning (my luggage finally arrived in Rostov-on-Don!!). The weather is still hot, but everything has been great!
Becky Hollingsworth, Pizitz Middle School, Vestavia, AL

Rostov-on-Don GLOBE schedule

Saturday, 7/25: Arrive, Moscow. Sightseeing. Depart for Rostov

Sunday, 7/26: Rostov State University Geographical Information Systems Technologies Center. Meet Russian participants. Earth System Science and GPS lectures.

Monday, 7/27: Hydrology lecture; practice hydrology protocols at Azov Sea shore.

Tuesday, 7/28: Soil lecture, practice protocols in field and laboratory.

Wednesday, 7/29: Archaeology at Tanais; remote sensing overview and multispectral software; GLOBE computer web site access and practice

Thursday, 7/30: Land cover and biology lectures and field protocols; atmospheric science lectures and field protocols

Friday, 7/31: Field assignments along banks of Don River; evaluation, farewell party

Saturday, 8/1: Depart for Moscow and rest of program

Participants in GLOBE at Rostov

U.S. teachers

  • April Bates (grades 1-2), Bryan Elementary School, Morris, Ala.
  • Sandra Childrey (8), West Middle School, Mt. Gilead, N.C.
  • Janice Cohen (6), Woodbury Middle School, Woodbury, Conn.
  • Sherrill Durand (8), Cleburne Elementary School, Heflin, Ala.
  • Jerry Lee Eastwood (6), Fairfax Elementary School, Valley, Ala.
  • Susan Gregory (8), Pennbrook Middle School, North Wales, Penn.
  • Tina Hall (4&6), Randolph School, Huntsville, Ala.
  • Becky Hollingsworth (7), Pizitz Middle School, Vestavia Hills, Ala.
  • Willene Huddleston (2), Cleburne County Elementary School, Heflin, Ala.
  • Debbie Jones (4), Western Heights Elementary School, Eufala, Ala.
  • Kenneth Kakasuleff (4), Frankton Elementary School, Frankton, Ill
  • Kelly Kelly (7), Pennbrook Middle School, North Wales, Penn.
  • Carol Kraus (K), Natchaug Elementary School, Willimantic, Conn.
  • Jennifer Lockett (7), Corpus Christie Catholic School, Mobile, Ala.
  • Carol McCaffrey (10-11), Victory Valley Union High School, Victorville, Calif.
  • Nancy McIntyre (9), Chaminade College Preparatory School, West Hills, Calif.
  • Elizabeth Orr (2), Eastside Elementary School, Dalton, Ga.
  • Joyce Stemple (6-8, computers), Colonial Middle School, Norristown, Penn.
  • Cheryle Wallace (6), Leach Elementary School, Anderson, Ind.

Russian teachers

  • Elena Bakaeva (ecology, health), Rostov school #37, Rostov-on-Don
  • Irina Bicherova (chemistry), Rostov school "Finist," Rostov-on-Don
  • Olga Zhilevich (biology, ecology), Rostov school #43, Rostov-on-Don
  • Vladimir Zhinzhilo (chemistry, biology, ecology), Rostov school #97, Rostov-on-Don
  • Natalie Ivanova (biology, ecology, science 7-11th), Rostov school #23, Rostov-on-Don
  • Tatiana Kalmikova (biology, ecology, science, 5-11th), Rostov school #100, Rostov-on-Don
  • Ludmila Kubrakova (geography, ecology 6-10th), Rostov school #103, Rostov-on-Don
  • Evgenia Morozova (ecology 7th), Rostov school #77, Rostov-on-Don
  • Natalie Petkova (math, computing, 10-11th), Rostov school "Finist," Rostov-on-Don
  • Mithail Khanin (biology), Rostov State Pedagogical University
  • Larisa Kheilo (chemistry, biology, ecology 5-11th), Azov school #13, Rostov region