Jan 29, 2010

Scanner color check

Color check

Color check icon
Many of the high-resolution images provided on the web site are scanned on a Hewlett-Packard ScanJet IIc scanner and a PowerMac 7100/80 using DeskScan and Adobe Photoshop 3. Images on web pages are stored as JPGs or GIFs at various compressions and levels of fidelity in order to reduce transfer time. High-resolution images are stored as JPGs at the maximum quality setting. For those picture editors who need a color check, we provide a scan of an Agfacolor standard (). Stories that carry pictures scanned here will have the Color Check icon at top left to link to this page. Note that many pictures come from other sources, such as Johnson and Kennedy Space Centers, or may originate from electronic cameras. In these cases, we have no way of checking the source.

Agfa color chart

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Author: Dave Dooling
Curator: Bryan Walls
NASA Official: John M. Horack