Published on: 
Jul 6, 2021

NASA Science Live: International Asteroid Day

At NASA, every day is asteroid day. From the many missions journeying to asteroids in our solar system – some even returning samples to Earth – to the efforts to find, track and monitor near-Earth objects and protect our planet from potential impact hazards, NASA and its partners are always looking to the skies.

Meet the experts:   

Dr. Dani DellaGiustina is a Research Scientist at the University of Arizona and the acting Deputy Principal Investigator for the OSIRIS-REx mission. Dani has been studying our solar system and asteroids for quite some time. She says she loves seeing images and data that's coming off spacecraft for the first time because chances are - you might be the first human who has ever seen a rock or feature on a planetary surface. She says it feels like you are on the edge of human knowledge. In her spare time, Dani enjoys being outside and hanging out with her dogs.   

Dr. Terik Daly is a Senior Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. As a planetary scientist, Terik investigates how the solar system formed and changes through time. He loves working in teams to solve problems that are too big for any one person to solve, which is why he finds his work in planetary defense interesting. Terik has three young kids and enjoys cooking, yoga and biking.