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May 21, 2008

* 39th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference: March 10-14, 2008, Lunar and Planetary Science Institute * Meeting with...
Dec 28, 2007

  + Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Join mailing list Dec. 28, 2007: Earlier this year, NASA researcher Dan Irwin stepped off a plane in...
Aug 2, 2010

The Earth Science Subcommittee of the NAC SC has been replaced by the Earth Science Advisory Committee (ESAC). Steven Running, Chair...
Mar 24, 2008

Dr. Michael S. Kelley joined the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters in 2008. In addition to more than twenty years of geological...
Aug 19, 1999

Space Science News home   Dashing and Coasting to the Interstellar Finish Line   NASA Funds Advanced Propulsion Concept   August 19,...
Universe, Earth, Sun, Solar System
Oct 25, 2007

NSPIRES is the web interface that most scientists use to submit proposals to the Science Mission Directorate. There are tutorials on the NSPIRES...
Nov 12, 1999

Space Science News home       Dr. Jan van Paradijs, 1946-99   Nov. 12, 1999: Astrophysicists in Huntsville and around the world are...
Solar System
Mar 30, 2015

On Saturday morning, April 4th, sky watchers in the USA can see a brief but beautiful total eclipse of the Moon.
Jan 27, 2015

Researchers are using a pair of robots to examine the strange way fluids slosh and bubble on the International Space Station