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Sep 1, 1998

Space Science News home   Earth microbes on the moon    Three decades after Apollo 12, a remarkable colony of lunar survivors revisited  ...
Dec 7, 1999

Space Science News home       On December 13 and 14, 1999, fragments of the mysterious asteroid 3200 Phaethon will strike Earth's atmosphere...
Universe, Earth
Apr 16, 1999

Space Science News home       Science mimics science fiction as a working model flying disc - a "Lightcraft" - takes to the air April 16,...
Jul 22, 1999

Space Science News home       Predicting What the Sun Will Do Next July 22, 1999: Most people think of the sun as a featureless, unchanging...
Apr 9, 1999

Space Science News home       This weekend scientists will launch a weather balloon designed to capture meteoroids in the stratosphere. The...
Universe, Solar System
Oct 11, 1999

Space Science News home       NASA spacecraft completes the first of two historic flybys of Jupiter's moon Io   BASED ON A NASA/JPL PRESS...
Solar System, Planets of Our Solar System, Sky Watching
Mar 4, 2016

On March 8th, 2016 Earth and Jupiter will have a close encounter. The giant planet will be "up all night," soaring almost overhead at midnight and...
Exoplanets, Sun
Feb 18, 2016

Deep in the heart of California's Owens Valley, a strange-looking telescope stands in the desert landscape listening for echos of distant stars....
Dec 18, 2015

The Deep Space Climate Observatory, a NOAA mission that carries NASA instruments, is providing a "new and complementary" view of Earth that is...
Solar System, Planets of Our Solar System
Oct 27, 2015

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft is about to make a daring plunge through one of the plumes emerging from Saturn's moon Enceladus. Read this story