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Mar 8, 2000

  March 8, 2000: Just as children count the seconds between a flash of lighting and the boom of thunder to guess an approaching storm's...
Mar 13, 2000

      Amateur astronomers using a 40-year-old telescope and a homemade CCD camera have detected the faint afterglow from a gamma-ray burst...
Apr 11, 2000

  April 12, 2000 -- Astronomers from all over the United States and from 10 countries will converge in Huntsville, Alabama today for a series...
Solar System
Apr 16, 2000

  April 17, 2000 -- NASA's Cassini spacecraft, currently en route to Saturn, has successfully completed its passage through our solar system's...
Mar 21, 2000

  March 22, 2000 -- On New Years Day, 2000, technophiles breathed a sign of relief when the feared Y2K computer bug proved to be a dud. Cell...
Solar System, Mars
Feb 15, 2018

NASA’s Jim Green and bestselling author Andy Weir explore the fascinating intersection of science and science fiction.
Feb 15, 2018

The biggest black holes in the Universe are growing faster than the rate of stars being formed in their galaxies, according to two new studies using...