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Dec 29, 2021

What and where are these large ovals? They are rotating storm clouds on Jupiter imaged last month by NASA's Juno spacecraft. In general,...
Space Experiments
Jan 3, 2022

Flight Engineers Terry Virts and Samantha Cristoforetti pose with floating apples delivered to the International Space Station. Image was taken in...
Jan 6, 2022

this is a test
Feb 8, 2022

GLIMR is a space-based instrument that will help scientists observe and monitor ocean biology, chemistry and ecology throughout the Gulf of Mexico,...
Feb 8, 2022

XRiSM will investigate celestial X-ray objects in the Universe with high-throughput imaging and high-resolution spectroscopy.
Feb 11, 2022
Feb 17, 2022

Dr. Noël Bakhtian (pronunciation) serves as the founding Executive Director of the Berkeley Lab Energy Storage Center - a lab-wide center...
Feb 22, 2022

What did the first quasars look like? The nearest quasars are now known to involve supermassive black holes in the centers of active...
Solar System, Mars
Feb 22, 2022

Is there water on Mars? There sure is! It’s not exactly like water on Earth, but Martian H20 can tell us a lot about the planet’s distant past while...