DIY - Postcards

Make your own postcard with the templates in this toolkit. The template provides two NASA resources where you can find amazing imagery from space of your favorite places on our home planet.

You can create more formal, informative postcards like the one on Afghanistan or something more informal that you may send to a family member.



Special Topics


To customize your postcard:

  • Visit or to select and download an image to your desktop.
  • To change the color of objects—including “Postcards from the Edge of Space” text, icons and boxes—use the “Shape Fill” menu on your home page to select a fill color.
  • To edit text, click the Title or Body text and replace. Choose a font color by going to the ‘Home’ tab under the ‘Font’ subsection and select the color.*
  • To replace image, click on the current image and delete it. Go to ”Insert/Picture/Picture from File” and select the image from your desktop. Then click on the image and select ‘Insert’. Then right click (option click on Mac) and select ‘Send to Back.’ Scale by grabbing the corner marker and dragging the image until the space if filled. To note – excess image outside the page border will not print.
  • Click on the greeting text to replace, or delete text and print blank to write in text.

*The NASA logo and website are not meant to be altered.