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Solar System

Inner Solar System

Planetary Science missions, past, current, in planning or in development, extend mankind’s presence to the solar system’s inner rocky worlds, helping to unlock the secrets of the solar systems’ composition, history and evolution, and how life established itself on Earth.

What We Study

Understanding the planets and small bodies that inhabit our solar system help scientists answer questions about its formation, how it reached its current diverse state, how life evolved on Earth and possibly elsewhere in the solar system, and what characteristics of the solar system lead to the origins of life.

Planetary Data System

The Planetary Data System (PDS) is an archive of data products from NASA planetary missions, which is sponsored by the NASA Office of Space Science. We actively manage the archive to maximize its usefulness, and it has become a basic resource for scientists around the world. All PDS-produced products are peer-reviewed, well-documented, and easily accessible via a system of online catalogs that are organized by planetary disciplines.


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