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Worlds beyond our solar system.

Giant balls of hot gas that burn for millions to billions of years. 

Concentrations of matter with gravity so powerful not even light can escape.

Looking like a pinwheel, this face-on spiral galaxy holds a bright-white core at image center. Arms curve outward from the core. They hold dark dust lanes and bright star-forming regions. All on a black background dotted with stars.

Collections of stars, planets, and vast clouds of gas and dust bound together by gravity.

NGC 1546

NASA Releases Hubble Image Taken in New Pointing Mode -- this image, featuring NGC 1546, represents one of the first observations taken with the Hubble Space Telescope since transitioning to a new operating mode that uses only one gyro.

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A galaxy against a black backdrop dotted with more distant galaxies and a few foreground stars. The galaxy is slightly tilted toward us, providing a good view of dark dust lanes from slightly above. They are backlit by the galaxy’s core. This dust appears rusty-brown. The core itself glows brightly in a yellowish light as brilliant-blue regions sparkle through the dust. Several background galaxies also are visible, including an edge-on spiral just to the left of NGC 1546.
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