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States of matter

NASA eClips 4D Guide Lites: Movement of Molecules in States of Matter Spotlite Interactive Lesson

Through a 5E-based lesson, students in grades 5-8 investigate the movement of molecules within a solid. The lesson includes related Next Generation Science Standards, a materials list, background information, pre- and post-assessments, and links to related activities.

The Water Cycle: Now You See It, Now You Don't

This is a hands-on lab activity about the water cycle, specifically evaporation and condensation. Using materials such as clay, ice and a lamp, learners will observe the relationship between temperature and condensation and temperature and evaporation.

Properties of Fresh and Sea Water

This is a hands-on lab activity about the properties and states of water.

Evaporation Investigation

This is a hands-on lab activity about evaporation. Learners will conduct experiments to observe the process of evaporation. They will then describe the process of evaporation, and the general water cycle, through discussion and pictures.

Bringing Ocean Sciences & Engineering Practices to the Classroom

Emphasizing the synergies between science and engineering, these video clips highlight the research of professional ocean scientists and engineers in various disciplines.

International Space Station LABS: Science Activity 2 Matter: Growing Space Crystals

Leaners will grow a sugar crystal and learn how this relates to growing protein crystals in space. The lack of gravity allows scientists on the space station to grow big, almost perfect crystals, which are used to help design new medicines.

Ice in the Shadows

This is a lesson about detecting ice on the permanently shadowed craters of Mercury and the Moon. Learners will consider what might be in that ice and will examine why the polar regions of Earth, Mercury and the Moon are colder than elsewhere on the planets.

Life in Icy Places

This is a lesson about the field of astrobiology, the study of life in the universe, and ice as a preservative for evidence of life. Learners will consider the relationship between ice and life as they investigate the conditions required for life to exist and sustain itself.

Think Scientifically: The Sun and The Water Cycle

Learners will read or listen to a story about two sisters, Marisol and Sofia, as they explore the Sun's role in the water cycle.

Temperature, Pressure, and the Earth

This is a lesson where learners explore the effects of pressure on temperature and states of matter and use this information to infer the conditions of the interior of the Earth.


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