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ROSES 2012 Clarifications, corrections and amendments

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These are SARA's unofficial versions. The official version is always what appears in the text of the program element on the NSPIRES web page.

  • Clarification to Appendix E.2, TWSC

    Appendix E.2, Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences, has been modified to remove the instruction that proposers should directly contact NASA’s Lunar and Planetary Institute regarding logistical and technical assistance.

  • POC change for Appendix C.22 ECF program

    New Point of Contact for Appendix C.22 the (Planetary Science) Early Career Program

  • Amendment 8: Updated Text for Appendix A.2, Land-Cover/Land-Use Change.

    Two new sections have been added to Appendix A.2, Land-Cover/Land-Use Change: Section 1.2.1 Social and economic sciences in the NASA LCLUC program and Section 1.2.2 Synthesis in the LCLUC program. In addition, proposers should expect to receive electronic notification no later than fifteen weeks after the submission of their Step-1 proposals, rather than twelve. Finally, the due date for Step-1 proposals is now November 30, 2012.

  • Amendment 7: New Opportunity in ROSES-12 via Appendix D.10, Euclid Consortium and Science Team.

    Amendment 7 presents a new opportunity in Appendix D.10, Science Investigations as Members of the Euclid Consortium and Euclid Science Team. NOIs are due June 15, and proposals are due August 31, 2012.

  • Amendment 6: New Opportunity in ROSES-12 via Appendix C.21, In-Space Propulsion: Astrodynamics Research.

    Amendment 6 presents a new opportunity in Appendix C.21, In-Space Propulsion Technology Program: Astrodynamics Research Grants. NOIs are due by June 11, and proposals are due by August 20, 2012.

  • ROSES-2012 Summary of Solicitation clarification regarding collaborators in summary table work effort.

    A paragraph has been added to the ROSES 2012 Summary of Solicitation Section III(d) Cost Sharing or Matching regarding the summary table of names and planned work commitment of personnel. Collaborators should be listed on the table but their level of effort may be simply given as "de minimis".

  • Amendment 5: Due Dates Changed for Appendix C.4, The Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program

    For Appendix C.4, The Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, the due date for proposals to the Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program has been delayed to July 2, 2012, to permit proposers who recently received panel evaluations of their PGG ROSES 2011 proposals additional time to prepare proposals.

  • Clarifications and corrections to the ROSES Summary of Solicitation

    The ROSES-12 Summary of Solicitation has been updated in a number of ways: Section I(c)ii E/PO Opportunities has been corrected, Section II(a) Funding and Award Policies has had a sentence added to note that proposers need not state the type of award instrument anticipated, Section II(d) Rephasing of Award Budgets has added text to clarify our rephasing policy, and text has been added to Section IV(d) Proposal Funding Restrictions regarding subcontracting rules.

  • Amendment 4: Final Text for ROSES-12 Appendix B.8, HDEE

    This amendment presents final text for Appendix B.8, Heliophysics Data Environment Enhancements (HDEE). The due dates have not changed. Note: a call for Value Added Services, similar to that in previous HDEE calls, and for Virtual Observatories will be issued later this year as a separate call.

  • Appendix A.36 NASA Data for Operation and Assessment (AOURD) will not be solicited in ROSES 2012.

    On release of the ROSES 2012 Solicitation in mid February, the placeholder for Appendix A.36 NASA Data for Operation and Assessment included a notice that it may be solicited in ROSES 2012. We regret to inform potential proposers that the call will not be issued this year.

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