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Looking back from space, astronaut Edgar Mitchell once called Earth “a sparkling blue and white jewel.” NASA has a unique vantage point for observing the beauty and wonder of Earth while trying to make sense of it.

Ice breaking up off the Russian coast.

Virtual Posters and Backgrounds

This 2024 Earth Day poster is an ocean themed vertical 15x30 illustration created from NASA satellite cloud imagery overlaid on ocean data. The white cloud imagery wraps around shapes, defining three whales and a school of fish. Swirly cloud patterns, called Von Kármán Vortices, create the feeling of movement in the composition. The focal point is a cyclone in the upper third of the poster. At the center flies the recently launched PACE satellite. The ocean imagery – composed of blues, aquas, and greens – is filled with subtle color changes and undulating patterns created by churning sediment, organic matter and phytoplankton.

Earth Day Poster Series

Download and print a high resolution posters or save the wallpaper to use as your computer desktop or mobile device virtual background.

Science Explorers Moon Poster Front

Science Explorers Poster Series