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Worlds beyond our solar system.

Giant balls of hot gas that burn for millions to billions of years. 

Concentrations of matter with gravity so powerful not even light can escape.

Looking like a pinwheel, this face-on spiral galaxy holds a bright-white core at image center. Arms curve outward from the core. They hold dark dust lanes and bright star-forming regions. All on a black background dotted with stars.

Collections of stars, planets, and vast clouds of gas and dust bound together by gravity.

Messier 78

Messier 78 is a nursery of star formation enveloped in a shroud of interstellar dust located 1,300 light-years away from Earth. Using its infrared camera, ESA's Euclid exposed hidden regions of star formation for the first time and mapped complex filaments of gas and dust in unprecedented detail.

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A vibrant cosmic scene showing the star-forming region Messier 78, also known as M78. The image features a stunning mix of colors, with glowing purples, oranges, and pinks among a backdrop of countless stars. Nebulous clouds of gas and dust create intricate and wispy structures, with areas of bright illumination indicating the presence of young, hot stars. The overall effect is a mesmerizing and dynamic view of space, showcasing the beauty and complexity of stellar nurseries.
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