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With so many ways to connect with and experience NASA's mission of scientific exploration and discovery, there's something here to awaken the curiosity in everyone.

A man looks through a telescope at twilight.

Meet the citizen scientists

Citizen Scientist | Science and Math Teacher

A selfie taken by Rosa Castro

Citizen Scientist / Retired Mental Health Therapist

Citizen Scientist / Project Leader of Planet Hunters TESS

Rocky Raybell Portrait

NASA Citizen Scientist

Inspire Learning

The Science Activation Program offers resources for learners of all ages to engage with NASA science

Through a cooperative network of competitively selected teams across the Nation learners of all ages can connect with NASA science experts, real content, and experiences. Together we can gain a deeper understanding of our world and beyond.

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Demonstrating a science activity at a Florida museum.
Demonstrating a land cover activity for children at a Florida museum

Do Science with NASA

Want to work on some real NASA science? These projects are open to everyone around the world

NASA’s citizen science projects are collaborations between scientists and interested members of the public. Through these collaborations, volunteers (known as citizen scientists) have helped make thousands of important scientific discoveries. More than 410 NASA citizen scientists have been named as co-authors on refereed scientific publications.

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Three young girls measuring snow levels in a field of snow.
Three young girls measuring snow levels in a field of snow.

Sky Watching Tips from NASA

Learn about what you can see in the sky now

Deepen your personal connection to the amazing places NASA explores. Find skywatching tips and guides you can use right now, resources for connecting with others, and upcoming events to look up for, plus ways to explore right from your device.

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Conifer trees in a forest appear in darkened silhouette against the night sky, where the Milky Way is seen as a diagonal, pink-hued band of light with dark dust clouds.
The Milky Way as seen from a dark sky location
Preston Dyches CC BY-NC 2.0

Earth and Space Science for Kids!

NASA Kids Science is coming soon!

NASA Kids Science is currently in development! It will be the home of all NASA Science games, videos, articles, and activities for kids. Stay tuned for more information! Until then, explore the current selection of fun NASA Science websites for kids.

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NASA kids art challenge
Art Challenges are one of the many fun activities you can find at NASA Space Place

Explore NASA Opportunities

NASA offers a variety of programs for high school students through professionals

Find programs and scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students, internships for high school and college students, post-doctoral fellowships, special programs for early career researchers, faculty members, and senior scientists.

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A compilation of opportunities for individuals to work with NASA
There are many points at which one can begin involvement in NASA science opportunities.
NASA/Jenny Mottar

NASA Kids Science

Earth and space science for kids!

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Cartoon illustration of the Sun and Earth smiling with a galaxy behind them in the distance.

NASA Science Live

From remote locations on Earth to the depths of outer space join the conversation live each month to interact with NASA experts and watch as they reveal the mysteries of our solar system and beyond

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Man on left in black shirt and woman on right in red shirt smile as they watch five yellow apples float weightlessly in the foreground.


There are several options to find answers and ask questions of NASA scientists

Ask a Scientist
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