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How to add team members

Adding Team Members: As always, you add a team member from any organization by choosing "Proposal Team" from the view proposal window (#1 below)

choose Proposal Team from the view proposal window


Next choose "Add Team Member" (See Fig 2, below)

choose add team members


and search them out in the database (3, below)

search for team member in database


After you add this new person they will be on the list of team members, as was seen in figure 2. Any person on this list can now be added as personnel to your cover page budget by selecting Budget from the "View Proposal" window (Figure 1, above), and click the hypertext linked dollar value under "Key Person" (Fig. 4 below)

click on hypertext linked dollar value


and then selecting 'Add New Person' (5, below).  Once you have done this you can finally add in their time, and corresponding salary and fringe (see guide to NSPIRES budgets: CS labor in NSPIRES cover pages).

select add new person

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