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Library (and useful links)


ZIP formatSOFIA Program Library (113 MB)

PDF formatNASA 2014 Strategic Plan

PDF formatNASA 2014 Science Plan

PDF formatNASA Plan for Increasing Access to Results of Federally Funded Research (July 2015)

PDF formatConference Sponsorship Memo

PDF formatDawn Science Team Rules of the Road

PDF formatHertz presentation to SSB Mission-Enabling committee (9.9 MB)  |  Text-only .rtf format

PDF formatHow to enter CS labor in NSPIRES cover page budget

PDF formatSMD Policy on Late Proposals

PDF formatMars 2020 SDT Charter

PDF formatOnline Commitment Guide

PDF formatPeer Review Conflicts of Interest

PDF formatPlanetary-Related NASA Research and Data Analysis Programs Final Budgets (FY2003-FY2007)

PDF formatProcedures for Preventing Financial Conflicts of Interest for IPA Employees

PDF formatSMD Peer Review Policy

PDF formatSMD Reconsideration Policy

PDF formatSPD 15 Center Community Service Policy

PDF formatSPD 16 Financial Conflict-of-Interest Policy

PDF formatSubmitting Step-1 ROSES proposals


Advisory Committees

Explorer Program Office Page (including links to SMEX, MIDEX, & Explorers)

GSFC Grant Information Homepage (including lists of documentation required for a solicited grant and electronic grant forms)

GSFC Grant Status Search

Guidebook For Proposers

List of Program Officers

NASA Grants and Cooperative Agreement Handbook

NASA Post-Doctoral Program

NSPIRES Tutorials

NSSC Grants Home Page; provides reference information on NASA grants.

NSSC Grant Status Search (for all grants awarded after May 1, 2006)

ROSES 2007 Omnibus Solicitation NNH07ZDA001N

ROSES 2008 Omnibus Solicitation NNH08ZDA001N

ROSES 2009 Omnibus Solicitation NNH09ZDA001N

ROSES 2010 Omnibus Solicitation NNH10ZDA001N

ROSES 2011 Omnibus Solicitation NNH11ZDA001N

SMD Organization Chart

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