Black Hole Stories

New Images From Euclid Mission Reveal Wide View of the Dark Universe

6 min read

With NASA contributions, the mission will complement dark energy studies to be made by the agency’s upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. The Euclid mission, led by ESA (the European Space Agency) with contributions from NASA, has released five new…

Article1 month ago

How NASA’s Roman Mission Will Hunt for Primordial Black Holes

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered black holes ranging from a few times the Sun’s mass to tens of billions. Now a group of scientists has predicted that NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope could find a class of “featherweight” black holes that…

Article2 months ago
Approaching an accreting black hole

New NASA Black Hole Visualization Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink

5 min read

Ever wonder what happens when you fall into a black hole? Now, thanks to a new, immersive visualization produced on a NASA supercomputer, viewers can plunge into the event horizon, a black hole’s point of no return. “People often ask…

Article2 months ago