Big Bang Stories


NASA’s Webb Identifies the Earliest Strands of the Cosmic Web

5 min read

Astronomers using NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have discovered a thread-like arrangement of 10 galaxies that existed just 830 million years after the big bang.


NASA’s Roman Mission Will Test Competing Cosmic Acceleration Theories

8 min read

A team of scientists has predicted the science return from one of NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope’s groundbreaking planned surveys, which will analyze millions of galaxies strewn across space and time. The mission’s enormous, deep panoramas will provide the…


Simulated Image Shows How NASA’s Roman Could Expand on Hubble’s Deepest View

9 min read

A team of astrophysicists has created a simulated image that shows how the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope could conduct a mega-exposure similar to but far larger than Hubble’s celebrated Ultra Deep Field Image. This Hubble observation transformed our view…