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Antarctic Sea Ice Near Historic Lows; Arctic Ice Continues Decline

5 min read

Editor’s note, April 16, 2024: An earlier version of this article included a rounded figure for the Arctic Ocean’s sea…

Article2 months ago

Meet NASA’s Twin Spacecraft Headed to the Ends of the Earth

5 min read

Launching in spring 2024, the two small satellites of the agency’s PREFIRE mission will fill in missing data from Earth’s…

Article3 months ago

NASA Study: More Greenland Ice Lost Than Previously Estimated

5 min read

A new, comprehensive analysis of satellite data finds that majority of glaciers on the landmass have retreated significantly. The Greenland…

Article4 months ago

This US-Indian Satellite Will Monitor Earth’s Changing Frozen Regions

6 min read

NISAR will study changes to ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice in fine detail, as climate change warms the air…

Article4 months ago

That’s No Meteor: NASA Satellite’s Elusive Green Lasers Spotted at Work

4 min read

For the first time, NASA’s ICESat-2 team has seen footage of the satellite’s green laser beams streaming from orbit to…

Article1 year ago

Arctic Cyclones to Intensify as Climate Warms, NASA Study Predicts

4 min read

Hurricanes threaten North American coastlines every year, and they appear to be intensifying as climate changes. Similar storms can also…

Article2 years ago