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Arctic Cyclones to Intensify as Climate Warms, NASA Study Predicts

4 min read

Hurricanes threaten North American coastlines every year, and they appear to be intensifying as climate changes. Similar storms can also…

Article2 years ago

Five Facts to Help You Understand Sea Ice

6 min read

One way that scientists monitor climate change is through the measure of sea ice extent. Sea ice extent is the…

Article3 years ago

Changing Pacific Conditions Raise Sea Level Along U.S. West Coast

11 min read

Ask your average resident of California, Oregon or Washington to name the natural hazard that concerns them most and sea…

Article4 years ago

Educational Resources on Sea Level Rise

2 min read

NASA is partnering with the European Space Agency, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the European Organisation for…

Article4 years ago

Webquest – Scale in the Sky

1 min read

Webquest #10: Earth Minute: Gravity Field The force of gravity not only keeps us from floating away, it lets NASA…

slide 1 - Military weather forecasters.

NASA Soil Data Join the Air Force

5 min read

SMAP satellite soil moisture measurements now increase the accuracy of Army and Air Force weather forecasts and advisories.

Article5 years ago