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NASA’s PACE Data on Ocean, Atmosphere, Climate Now Available

4 min read

NASA is now publicly distributing science-quality data from its newest Earth-observing satellite, providing first-of-their-kind measurements of ocean health, air quality, and the…

Article1 month ago
The state-of-the-art Earth science satellites launching in the near future will be generating unprecedented quantities of data on our planet’s vital signs. Cloud computing will help researchers make the most of those troves of information. Credit: NASA Earth Observatory

NASA Turns to the Cloud for Help With Next-Generation Earth Missions

6 min read

As satellites collect larger and larger amounts of data, engineers and researchers are implementing solutions to manage these huge increases.

Article3 years ago
Heavy human-caused pollution can suppress the growth of rain-producing clouds

NASA study untangles smoke, pollution effects on clouds

4 min read

Smoke and human-caused pollution have different effects on the clouds that produce much of Earth's rainfall, a new study finds.

Article6 years ago
Drizzle over land

NASA solves a drizzle riddle

4 min read

What makes clouds drizzle? A new study overturns a common assumption about raindrop size.

Article7 years ago
Tropical rainfall may increase more than previously thought as the climate warms.

NASA data suggest future may be rainier than expected

3 min read

Global climate models may underestimate the amount of rain that will fall in the tropics as our planet continues to…

Article7 years ago
Climate change may eventually change global cloud heights.

Is climate changing cloud heights? Too soon to say

4 min read

With 10 years of MISR satellite data, scientists suspected global cloud heights might be getting lower. With 15 years of…

Article7 years ago