El Niño - Southern Oscillation

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Trees are seen in silhouette from below.

3D view of Amazon captures effects of El Niño drought

6 min read

Three-dimensional measurements of the Amazon rainforest have given NASA researchers a detailed window into the high tree mortality that occurs…

Article6 years ago
The latest satellite image of Pacific sea surface heights from Jason-2 (left) differs slightly from one 18 years ago from Topex/Poseidon (right). In Dec. 1997, sea surface height was more intense and peaked in November. This year the area of high sea levels is less intense but considerably broader. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

A still-growing El Niño set to bear down on U.S.

7 min read

The current strong El Niño brewing in the Pacific Ocean shows no signs of waning, as seen in a new…

Article9 years ago
NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen, using Jason-2 data provided by Akiko Kayashi and Bill Patzert, NASA/JPL Ocean Surface Topography Team. Credit: NASA. Data acquired April to July 2015.

El Niño conditions are growing stronger

6 min read

El Niño conditions have strengthened this year despite scientists' expectations that the event would be too weak and too late…

Article9 years ago