Dust Storms

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NASA Sensor Produces First Global Maps of Surface Minerals in Arid Regions

6 min read

EMIT delivers first-of-a-kind maps of minerals in Earth’s dust-source areas, enabling scientists to model the fine particles’ role in climate…

Article4 months ago

NASA Mission Excels at Spotting Greenhouse Gas Emission Sources

6 min read

Since launching 16 months ago, the EMIT imaging spectrometer aboard the International Space Station has shown an ability to detect…

Article5 months ago
An Image of Baja, CA, taken from the International Space Station depicts strong winds blowing dust into the Pacific Ocean.

Satellite Data Can Help Limit the Dangers of Windblown Dust

8 min read

Dust storms present a growing threat to the health and safety of U.S. populations.

Article5 months ago

NASA Observes Large Saharan Dust Plume Over Atlantic Ocean

3 min read

NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite observed a huge Saharan dust plume streaming over the North Atlantic Ocean, beginning on June 13.…

Article4 years ago