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Dynamic NASA-Built Weather Sensors Enlisted to Track Tropical Cyclones

5 min read

Known as COWVR and TEMPEST, the duo is demonstrating that smaller, less expensive science instruments can play an important role…

Article1 year ago

Are Hurricanes Getting Stronger? We Asked a NASA Scientist

1 min read

Are hurricanes getting stronger? Although we’ll never see a Category 6 hurricane, data does show that more hurricanes are becoming…

Article2 years ago


4 min read

Takeaways Earth Will Continue to Warm and the Effects Will Be Profound Global climate change is not a future problem.…


NASA to Launch 6 Small Satellites to Monitor, Study Tropical Cyclones

4 min read

NASA is launching the first two of six small satellites no earlier than June 12 that will study the formation…

Article2 years ago

A Force of Nature: Hurricanes in a Changing Climate

7 min read

We've broken down everything you need to know about hurricanes, how scientists are using global climate models to predict storm…

Article2 years ago
NASA’s Aqua satellite acquired this image of a storm off the coast of North Carolina as it strengthened into Tropical Storm Bill on June 14, 2021.

Practice Makes Preparedness: NASA Participates in North Carolina Hurricane Exercise

2 min read

In the face of a changing climate, preparedness takes practice! A NASA Disasters team participated in a North Carolina hurricane…

Article2 years ago