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Ongoing Venus Volcanic Activity Discovered With NASA’s Magellan Data

6 min read

An analysis of data from Magellan’s radar finds two volcanoes erupted in the early 1990s. This adds to the 2023…

Article2 months ago
Aerial view of recent lava flows near Mauna Loa’s summit in November 2022. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) monitors greenhouse gases at Mauna Loa Observatory, which is 4 miles (6 kilometers) away from the summit crater. Despite the proximity, volcanic gases aren’t common at the observatory, and when they do happen, these temporary spikes are not included in the long-term data. The decades-long trend of increasing CO2 at Mauna Loa matches that from sampling sites all around the world. Credit: USGS/J. Schmith

How Do We Know Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide Measurements Don’t Include Volcanic Gases?

3 min read

In Brief: The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is measured at Mauna Loa Observatory, Hawaii, and all around the…

Article1 year ago

NASA Mission Finds Tonga Volcanic Eruption Effects Reached Space

4 min read

When the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai volcano erupted on Jan. 15, 2022, it sent atmospheric shock waves, sonic booms, and tsunami…

Article2 years ago
Mount Waesche is a 10,801-foot-high (3,292 meters) possibly active volcano at the southern end of the Executive Committee Range in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. Credit: NASA/Michael Studinger

Fire and Ice: Why Volcanic Activity Is Not Melting the Polar Ice Sheets

8 min read

By Alan Buis,NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Few natural phenomena are as impressive or awesome to behold as glaciers and volcanoes.…

Article4 years ago

Study Suggests Rainfall Triggered 2018 Kīlauea Eruption

4 min read

In May 2018 Kīlauea volcano on the island of Hawaii erupted, touching off months of intense activity. Through August, incandescent…

Article4 years ago

New NASA Radar Looks to Monitor Volcanoes and Earthquakes from Space

7 min read

Instead of looking up to the sky for bright bursts of fiery color, a research team spent Fourth of July…

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