Water on Earth

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How ‘Glowing’ Plants Could Help Scientists Predict Flash Drought

5 min read

An unusual boost in plant productivity can foreshadow severe soil water loss. NASA satellites are following the clues. Flaring up…

Article6 days ago

International SWOT Mission Can Improve Flood Prediction

6 min read

A partnership between NASA and the French space agency, the satellite is poised to help improve forecasts of where and…

Article2 weeks ago

NASA-Led Study Provides New Global Accounting of Earth’s Rivers

5 min read

The novel approach to estimating river water storage and discharge also identifies regions marked by ‘fingerprints’ of intense water use.…

Article3 weeks ago

NASA’s CloudSat Ends Mission Peering Into the Heart of Clouds

5 min read

Over the course of nearly two decades, its powerful radar provided never-before-seen details of clouds and helped advance global weather…

Article4 weeks ago

NASA Open Science Initiative Expands OpenET Across Amazon Basin  

2 min read

The research teams who help sustain the largest freshwater reserve in the world are developing a new tool to promote…

Article1 month ago

SWOT Satellite Helps Gauge the Depth of Death Valley’s Temporary Lake

4 min read

Data from the international Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission helped researchers to calculate the depth of water in this…

Article1 month ago