Galaxy clusters

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X-ray Satellite XMM-Newton Sees ‘Space Clover’ in a New Light

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered enormous circular radio features of unknown origin around some galaxies. Now, new observations of one dubbed the…

Article2 months ago
Close-up view of Resolve’s detector

NASA/JAXA’s XRISM Mission Captures Unmatched Data With Just 36 Pixels

3 min read

At a time when phone cameras are capable of taking snapshots with millions of pixels, an instrument on the Japan-led…

Article2 months ago
This image shows an X-ray snapshot of galaxy cluster Abell 2319 on an optical background

NASA/JAXA XRISM Mission Reveals Its First Look at X-ray Cosmos

4 min read

The Japan-led XRISM (X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission) observatory has released a first look at the unprecedented data it will…

Article6 months ago
This animated GIF shows how light is bent by massive objects that create dents in space-time. The first scene shows a white grid on a black background, which represents space-time. In the center is a star shown as a glowing yellow ball. The star creates a dent in the space-time grid, so the lines of the grid are curved under and around it. A line of yellow light comes down from the top of the image and arcs around the star. Then the scene changes to show the Hubble Space Telescope, a silver cylindrical object, in the bottom right of the image, pointed up toward the left. In the upper left is a fuzzy white blob with yellow lines moving toward Hubble. Between them, in the center, is a cluster of galaxies, depicted as several different-sized orange and white specs of light. As the yellow lines approach the galaxy cluster, they bend around it, ending up pointing toward the telescope.

How Gravity Warps Light

5 min read

Gravity is obviously pretty important. It holds your feet down to Earth so you don’t fly away into space, and…

Article11 months ago