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NASA Balloons Head North of Arctic Circle for Long-Duration Flights

6 min read

NASA is set to begin launch operations mid-May for the 2024 Sweden Long-Duration Scientific Balloon Campaign. Four stadium-sized, scientific balloons…

Article3 months ago
Rocket launching into space from Earth

Amendment 10: B.9 Heliophysics Low-Cost Access to Space Final Text and Proposal Due Date.

1 min read

B.9 Heliophysics Low Cost Access to Space (H-LCAS) solicits proposals on key heliophysics science questions and to advance the development…


GUSTO Breaks NASA Scientific Balloon Record for Days in Flight

4 min read

Editor’s note: The GUSTO mission ended Feb. 26 at 6:24 p.m. EST, setting a new record for a NASA heavy-lift,…

Article5 months ago
Walker at LDBF sign

NASA’s GUSTO Prepares to Map Space Between the Stars

7 min read

Editor’s Note: The GUSTO mission successfully launched on a scientific balloon from Antarctica Dec. 31, 7:30 p.m. local time (Dec.…

Article7 months ago

NASA Scientific Balloons Ready for Flights Over Antarctica

6 min read

Feb. 27, 2024 – Final Campaign Update: The GUSTO mission ended Feb. 26 at 6:24 EST, setting a new record…

Article8 months ago
A large disk of dust and gas extends from a bright light in the center.

Amendment 60: Updated Text for D.3 Astrophysics Research and Analysis and D.7 Strategic Astrophysics Technology

1 min read

D.3 Astrophysics Research and Analysis (APRA) solicits basic research proposals for investigations that are relevant to NASA’s programs in astronomy…