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An artist’s concept of the Voyager spacecraft.

Voyager 1 Returning Science Data From All Four Instruments

2 min read

The spacecraft has resumed gathering information about interstellar space. NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft is conducting normal science operations for the…

Article1 month ago

NASA’s Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters

5 min read

The efforts should help extend the lifetimes of the agency’s interstellar explorers. Engineers for NASA’s Voyager mission are taking steps…

Article9 months ago

NASA Mission Update: Voyager 2 Communications Pause

3 min read

Once the spacecraft’s antenna is realigned with Earth, communications should resume.

Article12 months ago
New InSight into the Red Planet Poster


1 min read

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, and the seventh largest. It’s the only planet we know of inhabited…


NASA’s Voyager Will Do More Science With New Power Strategy

5 min read

The plan will keep Voyager 2’s science instruments turned on a few years longer than previously anticipated, enabling yet more…

Article1 year ago

Edward Stone Retires After 50 Years as NASA Voyager’s Project Scientist

4 min read

Stone’s remarkable tenure on NASA’s longest-operating mission spans decades of historic discoveries and firsts. Edward Stone has retired as the…

Article2 years ago