Origin & Evolution of the Universe

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Webb Space telescope deep field image showing hundreds of objects of different colors, shapes, and sizes scattered across the black background of space.

NASA’s Webb Opens New Window on Supernova Science

6 min read

Peering deeply into the cosmos, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is giving scientists their first detailed glimpse of supernovae from…

Article2 weeks ago

New Images From Euclid Mission Reveal Wide View of the Dark Universe

6 min read

With NASA contributions, the mission will complement dark energy studies to be made by the agency’s upcoming Nancy Grace Roman…

Article4 weeks ago

How NASA’s Roman Mission Will Hunt for Primordial Black Holes

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered black holes ranging from a few times the Sun’s mass to tens of billions. Now a group…

Article2 months ago
Big Bang Infographic showing the timeline of the history of the big bang and the formation of the building blocks of the universe. he history of the universe is outlined in this infographic. It starts with Inflation, then the first particles in 1 microsecond, followed by first nuclei (10 seconds); first light (300,000 years); first stars (200 million years); galaxies and dark matter (400 million years); dark energy (10 billion years); present (13.8 billion years). NASA

What is Dark Energy? Inside our accelerating, expanding Universe

11 min read

Some 13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with a rapid expansion we call the big bang. After this initial…

Article5 months ago
Artist's concept of gamma ray sky with dipole marked in magenta

NASA’s Fermi Detects Surprise Gamma-Ray Feature Beyond Our Galaxy

5 min read

Astronomers analyzing 13 years of data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have found an unexpected and as yet unexplained…

Article5 months ago
Thumbnail for gamma-ray time-lapse

NASA’s Fermi Mission Creates 14-Year Time-Lapse of the Gamma-Ray Sky

4 min read

The cosmos comes alive in an all-sky time-lapse movie made from 14 years of data acquired by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray…

Article6 months ago