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Meet NASA’s Twin Spacecraft Headed to the Ends of the Earth

5 min read

Launching in spring 2024, the two small satellites of the agency’s PREFIRE mission will fill in missing data from Earth’s…

Article4 months ago

NASA Study: More Greenland Ice Lost Than Previously Estimated

5 min read

A new, comprehensive analysis of satellite data finds that majority of glaciers on the landmass have retreated significantly. The Greenland…

Article4 months ago

This US-Indian Satellite Will Monitor Earth’s Changing Frozen Regions

6 min read

NISAR will study changes to ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice in fine detail, as climate change warms the air…

Article5 months ago

Explore Time-Lapse Views of Our Changing Planet

5 min read

NASA’s Images of Change gallery has added a new feature: "Google Timelapse" view. In addition to comparison views of before-and-after…

Article1 year ago
An Airborne Snow Observatories, Inc. plane in Nevada County, California, in December 2021 on its mission to measure nearby mountain snowpack. Credit: California Department of Water Resources/Kelly M. Grow

Snow, Satellites, and Remote-Sensing Planes

2 min read

Climate change means less snowpack on mountains – and less snowpack means less meltwater is available for nearby communities’ water…

Article2 years ago
An Arctic fox wearing a satellite GPS collar runs with an egg in its mouth.

Arctic Animals’ Movement Patterns are Shifting in Different Ways as the Climate Changes

4 min read

With the Arctic showing more extreme indications of climate change, researchers have found that the movement patterns of animals in…

Article3 years ago