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Heavy human-caused pollution can suppress the growth of rain-producing clouds

NASA study untangles smoke, pollution effects on clouds

4 min read

Smoke and human-caused pollution have different effects on the clouds that produce much of Earth's rainfall, a new study finds.

Article6 years ago
slide 1 - Looking through smog in downtown Atlanta from midtown.

Can poor air quality mask global warming’s effects?

5 min read

In the 1900s, the U.S. warmed everywhere except the Southeast, where warming didn't begin till the 1990s. A study finds…

Article7 years ago

Smoke from wildfires can have lasting climate impact

4 min read

New research using data from NASA's airborne science campaigns shows how wildfire smoke could impact the atmosphere and climate much…

Article7 years ago
The Hadley cells describe how air moves through the tropics on either side of the equator. They are two of six major air circulation cells on Earth. Credit: NASA.

Expanding tropics are pushing high altitude clouds towards poles

4 min read

Clouds, which can help cool the Earth's surface, are being pushed toward the poles primarily by heated air from expanding…

Article8 years ago