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An image of the Sun shows a bright flash in the bottom right side where a solar flare erupts.

How NASA Tracked the Most Intense Solar Storm in Decades

5 min read

May 2024 has already proven to be a particularly stormy month for our Sun. During the first full week of…

Article3 days ago
The left image shows thin swirls of bright golden material flowing off the Sun's surface. The outline of a white box is over a speckled area of the surface, in gray and bright gold. On the right, is that area in different wavelengths. The image is purple, black, red, orange, and right yellow. In the highlighted area, the speckles are a very bright yellow with some cooler purple areas.

NASA Observations Find What Helps Heat Roots of ‘Moss’ on Sun

3 min read

Did you know the Sun has moss? Due to its resemblance to the earthly plants, scientists have named a small-scale,…

Article1 month ago

How NASA’s Roman Telescope Will Measure Ages of Stars

5 min read

Guessing your age might be a popular carnival game, but for astronomers it’s a real challenge to determine the ages…

Article2 months ago
In this illustration, a small portion of the Sun appears in yellow at the bottom with a dark sunspot in the center. Above the sunspot, against a black background, appear several vertical, curved streaks of light that are light pink at the bottom, closest to the sunspot and darken to dark pink in the middle then purple at the top. The streaks also appear thinner at the top than at the bottom.

NASA-Supported Team Discovers Aurora-Like Radio Bursts Above Sunspot

3 min read

A NASA-funded team of scientists has discovered long-lasting radio signals emanating from the Sun that are similar to those associated…

Article2 months ago

NASA Announces Monthly Themes to Celebrate the Heliophysics Big Year

4 min read

This October, NASA is launching the Heliophysics Big Year ­– a global celebration of solar science and the Sun’s influence…

Article10 months ago

A New Look at Sunspots is Helping NASA Scientists Understand Major Flares and Life Around Other Stars

6 min read

NASA’s extensive fleet of spacecraft allows scientists to study the Sun extremely close-up – one of the agency’s spacecraft is…

Article4 years ago