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Against a black background, the total solar eclipse. It is a black circle surrounded by white, wispy streams of light that flow away from the black circle in every direction.

The April 8 Total Solar Eclipse: Through the Eyes of NASA

5 min read

On April 8, 2024, the Moon’s shadow swept across North America, treating millions to a breathtaking view of a total…

Article7 hours ago

Scientists Pursue the Total Solar Eclipse with NASA Jet Planes

5 min read

The April 8, 2024, total solar eclipse will produce stunning views across North America. While anyone along the eclipse path…

Article1 week ago
A model showing the evolution of the solar corona prediction for April 8, 2024. It shows the solar corona as white light with defined structure encircling a black disk. The structured light ripples and changes throughout the animation, which represents coronal predictions.

Scientists Use NASA Data to Predict Solar Corona Before Eclipse

5 min read

Editor’s Note: This story was updated to correctly reference which NASA supercomputer was used. Our Sun, like many stars, is…

Article1 week ago
A man in a blue shirt crouches on grass. He is holding a large camera up to his eye and is pointing it at the sky. He has a large smile on his face. Behind him, many people are gathered in the shade of a tree.

Eclipse Photographers Will Help Study Sun During Its Disappearing Act

5 min read

As the Sun temporarily disappears from midday skies over North America on April 8, 2024, hundreds of volunteers will capture…

Article4 weeks ago
In this illustration, a small portion of the Sun appears in yellow at the bottom with a dark sunspot in the center. Above the sunspot, against a black background, appear several vertical, curved streaks of light that are light pink at the bottom, closest to the sunspot and darken to dark pink in the middle then purple at the top. The streaks also appear thinner at the top than at the bottom.

NASA-Supported Team Discovers Aurora-Like Radio Bursts Above Sunspot

3 min read

A NASA-funded team of scientists has discovered long-lasting radio signals emanating from the Sun that are similar to those associated…

Article1 month ago