Star-forming Nebulae

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At the center of the image is a nebula on the black background of space. The nebula is comprised of clumpy, red, filamentary clouds. At the center-right of the red clouds is a large cavernous bubble, and at the center of the bubble there is an opaque blueish glow with speckles of stars. At the edges of the bubble, the dust is white. There are several other smaller cavernous bubbles at the top of the nebula, including two tiny cavities at the top center of the image. There are thousands of stars that fill the surrounding area outside the nebula, most of them are yellow or white. At 11 o’clock and 6 o’clock there are extremely bright stars with 8 diffraction spikes. There are also some smaller, red stars and a few disk-shaped galaxies scattered across the image.

Peering Into the Tendrils of NGC 604 with NASA’s Webb

4 min read

The formation of stars and the chaotic environments they inhabit is one of the most well-studied, but also mystery-shrouded, areas…

Article2 months ago
A nebula with stars. The center of the image from top-left to bottom-right glows brightly with the light of newly forming stars and is partially obscured by dark dust. Colored layers of gas and dust billow out across the rest of the image. Foreground stars with large diffraction spikes speckle the nebula.

Hubble Views a Massive Star Forming

2 min read

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is teeming with color and activity. It features a relatively close star-forming…

Article3 months ago
Orange mountain-like structures against a blue background form the Cosmic Cliffs

New U.S. Postal Service Stamps Feature Iconic NASA Webb Images

3 min read

The U.S. Postal Service has issued two new Priority Mail stamps celebrating NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the largest, most…

Article4 months ago