Supermassive Black Holes

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Approaching an accreting black hole

New NASA Black Hole Visualization Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink

5 min read

Ever wonder what happens when you fall into a black hole? Now, thanks to a new, immersive visualization produced on…

Article2 weeks ago

NASA Collaborating on European-led Gravitational Wave Observatory in Space

4 min read

The first space-based observatory designed to detect gravitational waves has passed a major review and will proceed to the construction…

Article4 months ago

NASA Scientists Discover a Novel Galactic ‘Fossil’

5 min read

Researchers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, have discovered X-ray activity that sheds light on the evolution…

Article4 months ago
Thumbnail for gamma-ray time-lapse

NASA’s Fermi Mission Creates 14-Year Time-Lapse of the Gamma-Ray Sky

4 min read

The cosmos comes alive in an all-sky time-lapse movie made from 14 years of data acquired by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray…

Article5 months ago
A gif showing cartoon black holes, one as a crying baby, the other as a king-sized weighlifter

Five Reasons You Wouldn’t Want to Live Near a Black Hole

6 min read

You may have seen a portrayal of planets around supermassive black holes in the movies. But what would the conditions…

Article5 years ago