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Artist's concept shows a full disk of imagined planet Vulcan, predominantly light brown with patches of gray-green, against the black background of space.

Discovery Alert: Spock’s Home Planet Goes ‘Poof’

4 min read

The discovery A planet thought to orbit the star 40 Eridani A – host to Mr. Spock’s fictional home planet,…

Article3 weeks ago
Space scene of a thin atmosphere version of Gliese 12 b

NASA’s TESS Finds Intriguing World Sized Between Earth, Venus

5 min read

Using observations by NASA’s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and many other facilities, two international teams of astronomers have discovered…

Article4 weeks ago
An exoplanet is seen as a tiny dotof light blue light next to a str that has been masked with a screen. Protruding from both sides are bright, yellow-orange jets. Those indicate the disk of debris.

Seeing and Believing: 15 Years of Exoplanet Images

5 min read

Fifteen years ago, astronomers delivered what is now an iconic direct image of an exoplanet, Beta Pictoris b.

Article6 months ago

Scorching, Seven-Planet System Revealed by New Kepler Exoplanet List

3 min read

A system of seven sweltering planets has been revealed by continued study of data from NASA’s retired Kepler space telescope:…

Article8 months ago

Why NASA’s Roman Mission Will Study Milky Way’s Flickering Lights

6 min read

NASA’s Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will provide one of the deepest-ever views into the heart of our Milky Way…

Article8 months ago
A picture of the night sky in Skull Valley Utah from June 2021 shows the constellation Scorpius to the upper right of the silhouette of a desert butte. The dark blue sky is filled with countless bright stars. Credit: NASA/Bill Dunford

Help Discover Worlds With NASA

5 min read

NASA's Exoplanet Watch project invites you to use your smartphone or personal telescope to help track worlds outside our solar…

Article1 year ago