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Artist's concept shows a full disk of imagined planet Vulcan, predominantly light brown with patches of gray-green, against the black background of space.

Discovery Alert: Spock’s Home Planet Goes ‘Poof’

4 min read

The discovery A planet thought to orbit the star 40 Eridani A – host to Mr. Spock’s fictional home planet,…

Article3 weeks ago
Distant photo of Earth from space

Is Earth an Oddball?

4 min read

One of the strangest things in the cosmos might be – us. Among the thousands of planets confirmed to be…

Article5 years ago
David Latham, a senior astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, with the HARPS-N spectrograph, which measures the masses of exoplanets.

The Planet Hunter and the ‘Unseen Giant’

6 min read

It was March 1988, and astronomer David Latham was working into the night, puzzling over an odd result from an…

Article5 years ago