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People are shown in bubbles, gliding over a lava sea beneath them.

The Exploration Behind the Inspiration at NASA

4 min read

We imagine a time when space tourists flock to the Moon, vacation in the clouds of Venus, kayak on Saturn’s…

Article3 years ago

Tour 55 Cancri e in 360 Degrees, Get the Travel Poster and More

3 min read

While you can't actually travel to an exoplanet, these multimedia features are the next-best thing.

Article5 years ago

Artist’s concept of the surface TRAPPIST-1d

1 min read

An artist’s illustration of TRAPPIST-1d takes you to the surface of the third planet from the red TRAPPIST-1 star. From…


View from hypothetical moon of Kepler-16b

1 min read

An artist’s illustration puts you on the surface of an imaginary moon around the cold gas giant Kepler-16b. Like Luke…

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