Elliptical Galaxies

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X-ray Satellite XMM-Newton Sees ‘Space Clover’ in a New Light

5 min read

Astronomers have discovered enormous circular radio features of unknown origin around some galaxies. Now, new observations of one dubbed the…

Article3 weeks ago
A black background dotted with galaxies. A bright galaxy is at image center. It looks like a diffuse ellipse that stretches from the lower-left corner to the upper-right corner, with a bright core at image center.

Hubble Views a Galaxy Settling into Old Age

1 min read

NGC 3384, visible in this image, has many of the characteristic features of so-called elliptical galaxies. Such galaxies glow diffusely, are…

Article4 months ago
A hazy, yellow-white light shines near the top right, against black space dotted with faint, distant stars.

Hubble Views a Sphere of Stars

1 min read

This huge ball of stars – around 100 billion in total – is an elliptical galaxy located some 55 million…

Article9 months ago
Diffuse oval haze against black background. Stars and distant galaxies shine through it. Just above image center the haze gets brighter and denser toward the bright-white core of the galaxy. Top, just left of center is a bright foreground star.

Hubble Gazes at a Hazy Galaxy

2 min read

This moody image shows a galaxy named Messier 85, captured in all its delicate, hazy glory by the NASA/ESA Hubble…

Article12 months ago
Two bright, oval blobs of stars. One right below image center, the other to the upper left. These blobs are galaxies with bright white centers that dims toward their edges. Black background dotted with stars.

Hubble Spots an Energetic Galaxy

1 min read

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image reveals NGC 547, an elliptical galaxy that sits about 250 million light-years away from…

Article1 year ago
A collection of oval-shaped, elliptical galaxies. The largest has two neighboring bright spots in the core. It and two others look like galaxy clusters, with surrounding smaller galaxies. On the left edge of the image are two bright stars with four long spikes, and on the right edge is a small ring-shaped galaxy. Smaller stars and galaxies are spread evenly across the dark background.

Hubble Captures an Elusive Galaxy Cluster

1 min read

A menagerie of interesting astronomical finds are visible in this image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. In addition to…

Article1 year ago