Seyfert Galaxies

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A spiral galaxy, seen face-on to the viewer. The bright center of the galaxy is crossed by a glowing bar, and it is surrounded by tightly wound spiral arms, forming a circular shape with relatively clear edges. Faraway galaxies are visible around it, along with a few bright stars, on a dark background. One star to the right of the galaxy is very large and extremely bright with long diffraction spikes.

Hubble Captures a Bright Galactic and Stellar Duo

2 min read

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope features NGC 3783, a bright barred spiral galaxy about 130 million light-years from Earth…

Article1 month ago
A glowing, white galaxy shines at the center of the image, interlaced with dark brown dust. More distant galaxies and stars fill the black background of space.

Hubble Spies a Spinning Spiral

2 min read

Looking like a baseball lobbed into the depths of the universe, ESO 420-G013 is a face-on spiral galaxy and a…

Article4 months ago
A nearly face-on spiral galaxy with a bright-white core with two dark, orange-brown dust lanes swirling out from it. Those dust lanes extend into the galaxy’s spiral arms where bright, blue-white pockets of stars and hazy clouds define the spiral.

Stellar Sights in this New Hubble Galaxy Snapshot

3 min read

Hubble is sharing a brand new galaxy image every day through October 7, 2023! Visit our website daily, or follow…

Article8 months ago
A pair of merging galaxies. The galaxy on the left has a large, single spiral arm curving out from the core and around to below it, with very visible glowing dust and gas. The right galaxy has a bright core but only a bit of very faint material. A broad curtain of gas connects the two galaxies’ cores and hangs beneath them. A few small stars and galaxies are scattered around the black background.

Hubble Peers at Peculiar Galactic Pair

2 min read

This image taken using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope’s Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) shows Arp 107, a celestial object…

Article8 months ago
Lower left: Bright-white sphere of stars that is more diffuse toward its edges. Band of brown streaks arcs from the sphere's lower left to upper right where a face-on barred spiral galaxy shines in the distance. Black background dotted with stars.

Hubble Views a Beautiful Luminous Galaxy

1 min read

The lenticular galaxy NGC 5283 is the subject of this NASA Hubble Space Telescope image. NGC 5283 contains an active…

Article1 year ago
Bright white, pink, and blue stars and gas, concentrated in the lower left of the frame. They spiral outward from the lower-left corner. Black background.

Hubble Gazes at the Home of an Enormous Black Hole

2 min read

This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image of the spiral galaxy NGC 4395 looks at a small section of the larger…

Article1 year ago